Study Abroad: Duolingo English Test Has The Largest Market In India For International Admissions

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Duolingo English Test has the largest market in India with over one-third of the test takers from the subcontinent that has overtaken China.

India surpassed China as the largest market for Duolingo’s English Test. Globally around one-third of the total Duolingo English Test takers come from India. Senior Director of Strategic Engagement for DET, Jennifer Dewar, mentions that the number of test-takers from India is growing continuously. Globally India is the second largest source of students for international admissions to Universities in English-speaking countries. Indians from over 1200 urban cities took a seat for the test in 2022. Thus, Duolingo English Test has the largest market in India for international admissions to English-speaking countries.


Current Statistics for DET India

The top 10 largest cities of India hold the highest volume, nearly 76%, of test-takers for Duolingo globally. This is a new benchmark for India after surpassing China in similar statistics recently. The volume of test-takers from these 1200 Indian cities also increased by 80% from 2021 to 2022.

The demand for studying in the US is highest in Hyderabad. Here, Duolingo English Test has the largest market in India. The imminent metropolitan cities of the country, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Delhi, saw a 50% to 100% year-over-year growth. Here to be noted, the most diversified choice of the preferred destinations for study abroad is also from these regions.

Market Projection

Dewar mentions that there is a considerable surge in the middle-class economy in India. This is the peak reason for the surge in study-abroad interests and admissions from India. Indian study abroad market is thus set to hit $100 Billion by 2025. This is because more than 2 million Indian students intend to study abroad from India. Dewar pointed out some of the key reasons why Indian students look for study-abroad options.

  • Superior quality of education
  • Great living conditions
  • International job prospects
  • Improved remuneration

Some other peripheral factors that play an important role are immigration procedures and visa requirements. However, a more dooming factor is the financial requirements that scholarship schemes and NBFCs solved.

Duolingo English Test Has The Largest Market In India

Duolingo English Test in Tier-2 Cities of India

DET saw more than 100% year-over-year growth in Kochi, Nellore, Bharuch, Malappuram, and Eluru among tier-2 Indian cities. To suit their economy and push the service higher in such cities, DET will soon launch ‘DET exams at home’. This reduces test costs by $50 per DET. This particular flagship can disrupt the post-pandemic slack in tier 2 cities. Thus, a digital strategy is adopted to promote the flagship effort of DET in these cities.

DET recently got into partnerships with these international Universities in the US to push their sales in these cities.

India currently stands near the global top in promoting international cross-border brain circulation. India has the urge to learn right and learn quality. Nations with the best Universities are all set to push sales in India. DET statistics re-establish the same fact and are thus making the test available to commoners in India. It is a great time for Indian students to consider studying abroad with all the advantages aligned for them.

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