Study Abroad: RUDN University became the only University to Represent Russia in the AEEDC Student Competition 2023 

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Study Abroad: RUDN University became the only University to Represent Russia in the AEEDC Student Competition 2023
The Olympiad held in Dubai saw participation from 8 countries including dentistry students from the RUDN University.

The AEEDC student competition was held in the month of February, in Dubai. Oral medicine and dental students from 8 countries took part in the competition. It includes students from Georgia, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Russia, and Singapore. Consequently,  the RUDN University dental students represented Russia at the Olympiad.  The team of 5 dentist students was supervised by the head of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry of the Institute of Medicine, Zurab Khabadze.


According to Zurab Khabadze, Deputy Director of RUDN institute of Medicine,  RUDN has confirmed its status as the best International University of the Russian Federation. The reason is that it was able to represent the country in the semi-finals of the International Student Dental Olympiad. The RUDN university failed to reach the finals. Nevertheless, they were able to get an idea about the competitive programs. They can take the mistakes into account and prepare to compete in the future.

The AEEDC student competition

Representatives of 21 countries attended the AEEDC student competition. The Olympiad gave 30 seconds to teams to answer the questions. The theoretical tasks included all sections of dentistry. However, it was based on the curriculum of the dental schools in Europe and the USA. 

Difficulties faced by the RUDN students 

As per Vehbi Ahmed, the 5th year Dentistry student, the main difficulty was that each country has its own scientific classification of dentistry. Moreover, the questions were outside the syllabus.

Darina Shirokova, another 5th year Dentistry student, is of the same opinion. According to her, the most difficult questions were the classifications of dental diseases that are different in Russia. Language barrier was another cause of concern. 

The Olympiad gave  RUDN University the opportunity to establish further cooperation with the International Scientific Dental Association of Saudi Arabia . Moreover, the students were able to establish cooperation with the Saudi Dental Association, the Association of Orthodontists and the UAE Mohammed Bin Rashid Medical University.

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