Study Abroad: Instant US Visa Appointments Now Available, Zero Wait Time for Booking

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Study Abroad: Instant US Visa Appointments Now Available, Zero Wait Time for Booking

The US Consulate General in Mumbai has taken a significant step in normalizing visa operations. After successfully addressing the visa application backlog that had arisen due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Ongoing development will help applicants to schedule their immigrant visa interviews within the established standard timeframes. The consulate has set a target of processing no less than one million visas by the year 2023. The aim is to enhance its visa operations to ensure a streamlined application process.

In the wake of the pandemic, the waiting period for obtaining a US visa had extended beyond two years. However, applicants can now conveniently book appointments within current available slots, marking a move towards reuniting families residing in the United States.

Study Abroad: Instant US Visa Appointments Now Available, Zero Wait Time for Booking

The consulate’s official statement confirms the active processing of over 900,000 non-immigrant visa applications, and this number is anticipated to surpass the one million mark imminently.

Motivation Behind Upcoming Visa Reforms

United States Ambassador to India, Eric Garcetti, announced a noteworthy reduction of over 50 per cent in wait times for first-time tourist visa interviews. The Ambassador emphasized the consulate’s ambition to process a minimum of one million visas during the course of 2023.

Additionally, she highlighted the ongoing commitment to expanding visa operations and enhanced team cooperation. In pursuit of innovative solutions, the consulate focuses on minimizing the necessity of in-person interviews. This strategic adjustment empowers consular teams across the globe to efficiently facilitate visas for the escalating number of Indian travellers.

Through bilateral cooperation, India and the US have endeavoured to streamline the visa process. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a recent engagement with the Indian community in the US, disclosed a pivotal update. Indian professionals can now undergo work visa renewals domestically, without the need to travel abroad.

Furthermore, expanding diplomatic reach, Prime Minister Modi unveiled plans for the establishment of new US consulates in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. In a bid to expedite processes, H1B visa renewals can now be effectively accomplished within the United States, reducing procedural complexities for applicants.

The continuous efforts of both nations signify a shared commitment to fostering seamless travel between India and the US. The proactive measures between the governments underscore their dedication to enhancing international mobility and connectivity.

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