Study Abroad: Australia Is Ready To Replace Subclass 482 Visa By New Skills In Demand Visa  

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Study Abroad Australia Is Ready To Replace Subclass 482 Visa By New Skills In Demand Visa

The Temporary Skills Shortage (Subclass 482) visa will be replaced by the new Skills in Demand visa, which Australia introduced in an attempt to close skill gaps and improve the workforce in the labor market. Candidates will be able to fill the more than 800,000 employment openings in the country with the help of this visa. There will be three distinct pathways offered by the new program, each addressing a particular need in the workforce.

Here Are Specific Pathways Under The Visa For Skilled Workers In Demand

Below are the listed pathways for skills in demand visa-

Pathway for Specialized Skills

This method, which is intended for highly qualified migrants who are essential to Australia’s output, needs a minimum wage of AUD 135,000, which is higher than what Australian workers in similar occupations are paid. With the exception of drivers, laborers, tradespeople, and machinery operators, all jobs will be eligible under this approach.

Pathway for Core Skills

Candidates whose fields of expertise match the new core skills occupation list—which professions and skills Australia designated as having shortages—are given priority under this pathway. The Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold (TSMIT) must be met by applicants.

Pathway for Essential Skills

This pathway, which is presently under development, is intended for people with key skills who make less than AUD 70,000.

Study Abroad Australia Is Ready To Replace Subclass 482 Visa By New Skills In Demand Visa

Know About The Skills In Demand Visa

  • This visa has a four-year validity period and offers direct pathways to permanent residence. 
  • A unique provision that gives workers 180 days to find a new sponsor and the ability to change employment while their visa is still valid. 
  • A possible plan that would enable the companies to defray the expense of hiring foreign labor is being examined.
  • To make it simpler for qualified sponsors to find migrant labor, efforts are being undertaken to streamline the accredited sponsor process. 
  • This Visa is for the specialized skills channel and is granted in 7 days, whilst those for other streams take 21 days.

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