Study Abroad: 157 Indian Fulbright Scholars Studying in the US

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Study Abroad: 157 Indian Fulbright Scholars Studying in the US
Credit: Website of US Embassy
The latest batch of Indian Fulbright-Nehru, Fulbright-Kalam, and other Fulbright Fellows attended a two-day pre-departure orientation in Kolkata hosted by the United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF).

The US Consulate in Kolkata announced that 157 Indians chosen as Fulbright Fellows. In order to pursue study, research, teaching, and professional development in the US for the 2023–2024 academic year. They will work on projects in a range of fields, such as agriculture, anthropology, climate, education, energy, history, political science, public health, science, and technology. They were selected from all around India.

However, the teachers who lost their positions won’t be fired right away; instead, they’ll keep working for the following four months while receiving an adjunct teacher’s wage. Additionally, Justice Gangopadhyay had ruled that teachers whose positions had been eliminated could take part in the new hiring process if they had already undergone training.

Study Abroad: 157 Indian Fulbright Scholars Studying in the US

After being rejected for employment, at least 140 people reportedly filed a lawsuit in the High Court, claiming that many untrained candidates on the Board’s most recent list were hired despite receiving lower grades. On the basis of the 2014 Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), at least 42,000 instructors were hired in 2016.

By 2019, according to Pal, all 36,000 elementary teachers in the workforce would have received their training. The Board said that they were hired in accordance with NC (National Council for Teacher Education) standards. There have been complaints that no aptitude test was administered, specifically in this situation.

Panel Established to Investigate the Idea of a Diploma Programme for Doctors

Kolkata: The state government on Friday formed a 14-member committee to examine the possibility of developing healthcare professionals with three years of classroom and practical training. Also, a day after Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee proposed a diploma course for doctors to address the doctor shortage at hospitals.

The Chief Minister had proposed launching a doctor diploma programme to help the government address the physician shortage in order to increase access to healthcare, particularly in rural areas.

Vineet Kumar Goyal, the commissioner of the Kolkata Police, opened a call center for senior folks registered with the “Pronam” project on Friday and debuted a special smartphone app in the Lalbazar. Additionally, Goyal unveiled an updated Bondhu application that offers access to numerous online services.

Goyal opened the call center on Friday, which will run out of the Lalbazar headquarters of the Kolkata Police. Aside from this, the liaison officers of all the police stations will work to identify a pharmacy and other stores close to each Pronam member’s home so that, in an emergency, the store owners can be asked to supply the items that the old people need. Goyal also unveiled the “Pronam” smartphone application. The elderly will be able to contact the call center and the neighborhood police station. As well as access a variety of services through this application.

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