20+ Sports Vocabulary For IELTS

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Sports Vocabulary For IELTS

Sports Vocabulary for IELTS is part of the IELTS Speaking test. Under this section, the test consists of various sports words, their meaning and their use in sentences. We are all familiar with words related to sports. From an early age, we have played one or the other sport or physical activity in school, college or university.


The IELTS Speaking test measures your ability to understand the definitions of words, their meaning and how well you can use them in sentences. This section often includes sports vocabulary, where words and phrases are given and candidates are asked to explain their meaning and their uses. This article guides you through Sports Vocabulary for IELTS.

Sports Vocabulary IELTS 

Sports Vocabulary IELTS consist of various words and phrases related to the term ‘Sports’. Everybody considers sports an interesting topic. The IELTS Speaking section frequently includes sports vocabulary. Candidates preparing for their next IELTS test must be knowledgeable about sports vocabulary, as it is high scoring. The table below highlights 20+ sports vocabulary for IELTS.

Sports VocabularyUse in Sentence
AthleteYou have to work very hard to become a top-level athlete.
Athletics TrackThe inside lane of the athletics track has a distance of 400mts.
ChampionshipThe national-level soccer championship will be conducted soon.
CompetitionShe’s got a badminton competition in the coming month.
CoachHis swimming coach is very strict.
EnduranceHis level of endurance is like a professional athlete.
ExerciseShe exercises daily for 2 hours a day.
FitnessFor some people, fitness is a way of living.
GameOutdoor games are more fun than online games.
GoalArgentina scored the highest number of goals in the European League.
PastimeHe plays squash during his pastime.
Physical ActivityMy doctor recommended me to indulge in some physical activity to stay fit.
Runner-upHe worked so hard but still was a runner-up.
RefereeThe decision of the referee is final.
StrengthYou must go to the gym 4 times a week to build strength.
TeamThe FIFA World Cup has only 32 teams.
TournamentThe tennis tournament is conducted every year in January.
UniformThere’s a uniform for every sports activity.
VictoryTo secure victory, you must work hard each day.
Warm-upYou must warm up your muscles before beginning your workout.
WrestlingWrestling is considered a violent sport.

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Sports Idioms and Phrases for IELTS

A lot of times the IELTS Vocabulary consists of Idioms and Phrases, where candidates are required to use them appropriately in a sentence. While answering Sports Idioms and Phrases, candidates should check the quality of their answers, as it will determine their scores. Here is a table which highlights idioms and phrases related to sports for IELTS Vocabulary and their use in sentences.

Sports Idioms & PhrasesUse in Sentence
Ace in the HoleHis last step during the Chess competition was the ace in the hole for winning the championship.
All the marblesHe is trying to hold on to the first position so that he can put all the marbles in one shot.
Ballpark figureIt’s worth taking a friendly builder along on the second viewing to get a ballpark figure on costs.
Bench WarmerIt’s sad to see a top-level player performing like a bench warmer.
Caught flat-footedThe reporter’s questions caught the minister flat-footed.
Drop the ballHe really dropped the ball when he forgot to call back.
Full court pressThe Prime Minister will conduct a full-court press for Hindu voters.
Hail MaryHe threw up a Hail Mary during the last minute of the game.
Play hardballShe is a nice girl but can play hardball when things are tough.
Knockout blowHe must land a knockout blow to secure a win.
Jump the gunYou must not jump the gun with her, as you’ve just met her.
In the red zoneIt will be tough for the team to score points once it is in the red zone.
Level playing fieldThere should be a level playing field for my opportunities for job advancement.


How many times can I appear for the IELTS test?

The IELTS test is conducted around 48 times a year. There’s no limit on how many times a person can appear for the IELTS test.

How to score better in IELTS Vocabulary?

To score better in IELTS Vocabulary, candidates must work on learning new words, their meaning and their uses. You can start by reading the newspaper articles and search for their meanings in the dictionary.

How much is the IELTS application fee?

Every time candidates apply for the IELT test will have to pay INR 15,500 via credit card or PayPal. The IELTS application fee is non-refundable.

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