50+ IELTS Speaking Words To Use

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IELTS Speaking Words To Use

The IELTS Speaking module is conducted to assess the candidate’s English language speaking skills. Candidates who want to score better on the IELTS test must know how to use words in the speaking section. This section will require you to work on your word fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and grammatical correctness. Candidates often work on making their answers refined and urbane. Choosing the best words to use in the IELTS Speaking test can be a lot confusing. Using unique and rare words will surely help you, but you need to try focusing on everyday use and common words. Read this article to know more about the IELTS Speaking words to use.

Examination name IELTS
Full Form International English Language Testing System
Conducting Bodies Cambridge Assessment English
British Council
IDP: IELTS Australia
Difficulty Level Medium to Hard
Sections Writing
Website https://www.ielts.org/

Under IELTS Speaking, the examiner tests your communication skills and how well you pronounce words related to everyday topics. This is done by answering various questions and speaking words in a limited amount of time. When speaking words make sure you maintain that fluency and do not lag too much. For example – if any word is coming after 3-4 seconds and you take pauses while speaking, your fluency is interrupted. Make sure your vocabulary is passive and not active. Check the table below to know the IELTS Speaking popular words and their meaning.

Popular Words Meaning
Awesome Something inspiring or impressive
Awful Something very bad, unpleasant or negative
Barely  Only just; almost not
Blonde Fair (pale yellow) colour of hair
Certainly Used to emphasize that something is true
Combat Taking action to prevent something bad or danger
Debate Argue in a formal manner
Disclose Revealing secret or classified information
Easing Making something less severe or reducing impact
Effortlessly Not using any mental or physical exertion
Fake Something not real or genuine
Flout Openly disregard (rule or law)
Genuinely In a truthful way
Gorgeous Something or someone very attractive or beautiful
Hack Unauthorised access to a computer or date; shortcut to something
Hostile Showing dislike or opposition
Impact A marked effect/ influence
Incentive A thing that motivates or encourages you to do something
Jarring Incongruous in a shocking way
Jargon Special words used by a profession that is difficult for others to understand
Keenly intensely
Knack A special skill or ability
Likely Something which might be true
Lately  Something recently; not long ago
Merely Just; only
Manner A way in which things are ordered or done
Notorious Something or someone famous for a bad or notorious behaviour
Nuance  Subtle variation or distinction
Odds The chances of something happening
Offensive Annoying someone or feeling resentful
Potentially Capacity to do something or happen very soon
Probably Very likely to occur or true
Qualify Entitled to a benefit or privilege by possessing necessary conditions
Quest Searching for something for a long time
Recall Remembering a past experience
Rebel Someone who has risen in opposition or armed resistance
Seem Impression of something or a quality
Sense Feeling something
Threaten Someone’s intention to take hostile actions against somebody else
Tend Behaving in a particular way or certain characteristic
Unanimously With the approval of everybody, without any opposition
Ultimately Finally, in the end
Vaguely Something uncertain, unclear or indefinite
Vastly Something immense or to a great extent
Wreck Something damaged very badly, especially a building or vehicle
Whooping Something very big or large
Yell Shouting in a louder tone
Yield Allowing arguments, pressure or demand
Zealous Showing or having zeal
Zenith Time or place where something is strongest or most powerful

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How to apply for IELTS in India?

To apply for the IELTS test, visit the IELTS India website and select your exam date and city. You will have to fill out an online application form and pay the application fee, which will be INR 15,500 (inclusive of all taxes).

What is the IELTS full form?

The International English Language Testing System is abbreviated as the IELTS test. IELTS is one of the English proficiency tests, which works as an eligibility requirement for candidates who want to study abroad.

How much is the IELTS application fee?

The application fee for the IELTS is INR 15,500. The application fee can only be paid online through a credit card/PayPal. Also, this fee is non-refundable.

What factors are responsible for scoring marks in IELTS Speaking?

Marks in IELTS Speaking are given by judging the candidate’s fluency and coherence, grammatical accuracy and range, lexical resource and pronunciation.

The IELTS exam is conducted 4 times a month by its conducting bodies. Candidates who will be appearing for their next IELTS exam must focus on improving their vocabulary skills. The IELTS advanced vocabulary section consists of 25 marks. 

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