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Every aspect of your store, from the lobby to the checkout display, has the potential to influence a customer’s decision to buy things from your store. Retail Store interior design is important for your entire retail space as a result. More customers search for distinctive experiences every day, and they really start the moment they walk into a store. Shoppers might enjoy the act of purchasing in a well-designed commercial space, also referred to as retail design, which helps them form enduring, favourable associations with a brand. Let’s delve into this blog to know more about Retail Design.

What is Retail Design?

A subfield of interior design is the creation of commercial spaces. In other words, it entails designing and/or transforming interior areas where goods and services are offered for sale. Basically, the retail design includes the layout of your storage space. The goal of your retail design is to welcome and direct clients through your store.

Consider the small restaurants or takeout shops you may find in malls or perhaps a supermarket. All of those places are planned out beforehand.

What disciplines contribute to retail design?

This type of design combines the efforts of several creative disciplines:

  • Architecture: Since the area is located inside another building, there is always some kind of architecture present.
  • Design: A designer frequently develops unique installations to display things.
  • Product design: In some circumstances, the merchandise itself is incorporated into the decor of the shop. In order to display the product in the best way possible, the retail designer needs to have a thorough understanding of it.
  • Strategy: This is a crucial component of efficiently facilitating sales and optimising spaces.

How to Become a Retail Designer?

Check out the eligibility requirements below to know about how to become a Retail Designer:

  • Candidates must have a specialisation degree in Retail Design.
  • Generally, a graduate or post-graduate degree is considered eligible for top recruiters but some companies also accept certifications and diploma degrees.
  • Candidates must have the required skills and experience to work in the desired field.
  • Additionally, candidates can build their portfolio in order to showcase their skills to employers recruiting for Jobs.

Top Universities for Retail Design Abroad

Below mentioned are some of the universities offering Retail Design courses:

University Name Course Name Course Fee QS World Ranking 2023
University of the Arts London Fashion Visual
Merchandising and
Branding (BA)
INR 22,87,411 Lakh #2
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University (RMIT) Diploma of Visual
INR 14,28,536 Lakh #11
Central Michigan University Bachelors Degree in
Fashion Merchandising and Design
INR 10,76,084 Lakh #1201
Conestoga College Bachelor of Design
INR 14,87,682 Lakh #1567
Manchester Metropolitan
Fashion Buying and Merchandising BSc (Hons) INR 14,95,400 Lakh #750

What does a retail designer actually do?

Retail designers create broad concepts that are in line with the services the commercial space will provide. This idea is expanded upon in the conceptualization of experiences in many areas of the store, such as:

  • Display cases and storefront windows
  • Lighting 
  • Furniture 
  • Music 
  • Aromas throughout the store

Skills Required to Become a Retail Designer

Some of the skills required to opt for this profession are mentioned below:

Tips to Become a Retail Designer

The following store design tips can assist you in mapping clients’ attention and creating an environment that encourages browsing and making purchases.

Use colour sensibly

You understand exactly what we mean when we say “Target crimson,” “Home Depot orange,” or “Starbucks green,” don’t you? Clients have deeper emotional connections to colours than they are aware of.

While a colourful store can foster a cheery, enjoyable shopping experience, too much colour can be overpowering and drive clients to leave the store early. If customers don’t enjoy the aesthetics of your store, it’s also doubtful that they will return.

Consider carefully using colour in your retail design to prevent this. Think about colour psychology. For instance, the colour black, which is frequently used in men’s apparel stores, conveys sophistication and authority.

Regularly update product displays

It has been demonstrated that product displays, often known as visual merchandising, boost sales. Clients can see your products “in motion” by looking at a hanging plant, a set living room, or a dressed mannequin, which can influence their purchasing decisions.

Displays provide simple alternatives for interactive shopping experiences. Displays that are visually appealing entice clients to post pictures of your store on social media.

Keep clients comfortable

You know what, the majority of clients, especially women, avoid shopping in aisles where they might potentially brush or be brushed on the behind. Even when a buyer is interested in a certain product, this is still true.

Making sure that your aisles and displays provide clients with more than enough personal space to browse your products will help you to easily avoid this issue.


Why is retail design important?

Retail design helps to boost the client’s attraction to the enjoyment of products and the brand itself.

What does a retail designer do?

Retail designers help to create and improve the image of the store.

Which country is best for retail jobs?

Check out the countries below with ranking for retail jobs:

Canada #1
Germany #2
United Kingdom #3
United States #4
Australia #5
Japan #6
Switzerland #7
Sweden #8

Thus, there is a wide range of career opportunities after pursuing Retail Design. If you are planning to pursue your career but are confused about which university to choose, you can reach out to our Leverage Edu counsellors and we will guide you in selecting a suitable university that matches your interests and helps you kickstart your career. Call us immediately at 1800572000 for a 30-minute free counselling session.

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