PTE Exam Day Tips for Students To Remember

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PTE Exam

Pearson Test of English is conducted for students who are willing to study or settle abroad. The exam checks the English Language proficiency of the students. English is a common language used worldwide so students must have knowledge of the language and they should also be able to communicate in English just like professionals. Here, we will discuss PTE Exam day tips for students to remember, to help them.


Before every examination, there is some kind of paranoia in students, like a lack of confidence about their preparation, or whether will they be able to score well in their exam or not. Every student goes through the same before their examination. Today we will give you the top 9 tips you can remember on the day of your PTE examination and get the results you desire in just one go! Let’s dive deep into it! 

Get Good Sleep 

Sleep is the most important for humans to function efficiently. Sleep on time and get up on time. Revise a little bit about the course you have prepared. Waking up fresh and then going for the examination can give you the stamina you need to excel in your exam in just one go! 

Know Your Strengths

Every student has some strengths and weaknesses. If you have prepared almost everything for your examination and just left a few topics out, there’s no need to panic. Just prepare thoroughly for the topics you have understood and can carry forward with the same and make them your strengths. Those topics will help you get the highest score and make sure you prepare all of them with full dedication. 

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Know Your Weaknesses 

Every student knows his/her weaknesses. We want you to avoid making common mistakes like you usually do in your examination. Do not panic, complete all the questions that you know, and revise everything before you submit your answers. Spelling mistakes and incorrect sentence formation can make you lose ample scores, so keep that in mind. 

Keep an Eye on the Clock

We advise each and every student to keep an eye on the clock and also wear one wristwatch to the examination. You will have track of the time you are spending in each section. If you are running late at least you will have an idea and you plan ahead accordingly. So wearing a wristwatch to your examination centre is a must. 

Eat Before Leaving your House

Make sure you have your breakfast before going to the examination. Eat something healthy which will keep you energetic and active throughout the examination. Do not eat oily food otherwise, it will make you feel sleepy. You can have a bowl full of fruits, salads or oats. Avoid eating fast food it can make you feel lousy in the examination hall. 

Reach a Few Minutes Earlier

It is very possible, you might get stuck in traffic or because of some other reason, you can be late. So make sure you leave your home on time and reach at least 15-20 minutes before the allotted time for the examination. You can stand there and relax, otherwise directly going to your seat in a hurry can make you nervous. Reaching before the examination time is also a great idea! 

Check Your Microphone in Advance 

There is always this complaint from the students that the microphone does not work properly in the Pearson Examination. So we advise you to check the microphone before anything else, if you are not sure about the quality of the microphone, then inform the invigilator as soon as possible. Make sure they give you the one which works properly. 

Complete Easy Section Before 

There can be a section in which you prepared almost everything from the course material. Complete the known section first and then move ahead with the following sections. It will save you time and boost your confidence. It will give you a sense of accomplishment. 

Carry All Documents 

It is very important to keep your Identity Proof and admit card with you on the day of the examination. If you forget the documents you might not be able to enter the examination centre. So make sure you keep them all beforehand. 


What is the full form of the PTE Examination?

The full form of the PTE Examination is known as the Pearson Test of English. It is one of the famous English proficiency tests required to study or work in abroad.

Which time is the best to give the PTE Examination? 

Pearson Test of English can be given in the morning, afternoon or evening. You can choose according to your preference, there is no specific time to give the PTE.

How can students achieve 90 score in the PTE Examination in one go? 

You can achieve the scores if you start your preparation beforehand without any delay. Make sure you cover all the study material before the examination and prepare everything with full dedication.

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