Best PhD in Auditing Courses Abroad 2024: Universities & Fees

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A PhD in Auditing helps in developing specialised competencies in the mastering, understanding, interpretation, analysis, and application of auditing principles. If you want to become an auditor or take your existing auditing profession to the next level, then pursuing a PhD course in auditing is a great idea. Keep reading if you are looking for the best PhD in auditing programs. In this blog, we have listed some of the best PhD in auditing courses across the world. Look at the list and decide for yourself which course suits you the best. 


PhD in Accounting and Auditing – NHH Norwegian School of Economics

The NHH Norwegian School of Economics offers a PhD in Accounting and Auditing. The program provides an active and dynamic research environment in the three main research areas:

The faculty members offer full guidance and support to the PhD students in their research education. Every candidate is offered office space, computer facilities and administrative support. The institute also makes a particular effort to include PhD students in the research activities of the department. The excellent curriculum of this program makes it an ideal PhD in auditing degree. 

CoursePhD in Accounting and Auditing
University NHH Norwegian School of Economics
LocationHelleveien 30, 5045 Bergen, Norway
Annual Tuition Fees Free
Duration 4 Years

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PhD in Accounting – Auditing – University of Pretoria

The PhD in Accounting – Auditing program at the University of Pretoria aims to advance relevant knowledge and develop employable students in the field of accounting and auditing. Offered by the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, this course strives to make students a part of the cutting edge of economics, finance and management. The great value offered in this program makes it a perfect PhD in auditing degree. 

CoursePhD in Accounting – Auditing
University University of Pretoria
QS World University Rankings 2024323
LocationLynnwood Rd, Hatfield, Pretoria, 0002, South Africa
Annual Tuition Fees INR 98,736
Duration 2 Years 

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PhD in Accounting – University of Waikato

The PhD in Accounting, provided by the University of Waikato, gives you the skills to work with clients to allow them to their businesses more profitable and successful. You will also be able to help them reduce their exposure to financial risk. You will acquire all the skills required to become a trusted business adviser and make strategic decisions related to finance for organisations. Moreover, you can expect to work in all kinds of industries, such as manufacturing, agribusiness or entertainment. 

Here are the job roles you can assume after completing your PhD in Accounting:

The course offers high-in-demand skills to the students, making it a perfect PhD in auditing.

CoursePhD in Accounting
University University of Waikato
QS World University Rankings 2024250
LocationHillcrest Road, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216, New Zealand
Annual Tuition Fees INR 523,564
Duration 3 Years 

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MPhil/PhD in Finance – The University of Exeter

The University of Exeter offers an MPhil/PhD in Finance program. During the course, you will get graduate skills training programmes, research methods expertise, and wider support provided via professional associations and Research Councils. You will get the opportunity to work with the Xfi Centre for Finance and Investment, which will offer you a high-quality teaching facility. Moreover, you will receive a direct gateway to practical business solutions via the work of leading academics and practitioners. The amazing curriculum of this program makes it one of the top PhD in auditing degrees. 

CourseMPhil/PhD in Finance
University The University of Exeter
QS World University Rankings 2024153
LocationStocker Rd, Exeter EX4 4PY, United Kingdom
Annual Tuition Fees INR 2,162,235
Duration 4 Years

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PhD in Auditing – University of Johannesburg

The PhD in Auditing at the University of Johannesburg will allow you to develop skills like critical thinking and problem-solving that will help you quickly adapt to changes in the auditing industry. Offered by the Department of Accountancy within the College of Business and Economics, the course helps you achieve your personal goals while enhancing your professional achievement. 

CoursePhD in Auditing
University University of Johannesburg
QS World University Rankings 2024306
LocationJohannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Annual Tuition Fees INR 94,727
Duration 2 Years 

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Q1. Is there a future in auditing?

Ans. Yes, there is a huge demand for auditors across the world. The future of auditing is an evolving landscape that is being shaped by changing business practices and emerging technologies.

Q2. Is auditing a good career?

Ans. Yes, auditing is a rewarding and well-regarded profession around the globe. 

Q3. Should I go into auditing?

Ans. You should become an auditor if liaising with company management and regulating a variety of financial and business processes appeals to you. 

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So, this was all about the PhD in auditing. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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