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Mannheim Business School Scholarships (2)

Aspiring International students, take your academic journey to the next level with a prestigious business degree from Mannheim Business School also known as MBS. Mannheim Business School offers a variety of Master’s degree programs and specializations, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to do well in the global marketplace. To help bridge the financial gap, MBS provides merit-based scholarships specifically designed to support outstanding international students like yourself. Keep reading to learn more about the great programs, scholarship opportunities, and how you can invest in your future success at Mannheim Business School.

Institution NameMannheim Business School
Established on2005
Acceptance Rate36%
Scholarships For International Students

Factors Affecting Selection For Mannheim Business School Scholarships

Here’s a breakdown of the factors likely affecting scholarship decisions at Mannheim Business School for their Executive MBA programs.

  • Strong academic performance, including a good GMAT/GRE score, is likely considered for all scholarships.
  • Extensive and relevant work experience, particularly leadership positions and significant accomplishments within your industry are highly valued.
  • Living or working abroad, or showing a global perspective in your achievements, can strengthen your scholarship application.
  • The Scholarship for Outstanding Candidates focuses on experience (minimum 10 years of postgraduate work with 5+ years of leadership/management) and international exposure.
  • For Scholarship for Women in Business show outstanding achievements in your professional career or impactful social activities.
  • The admissions committee looks for individuals who can enrich the learning environment with diverse perspectives and experiences.
  • Your essay, recommendation letters, and other application materials will be evaluated for clarity, motivation, and how well you align with Mannheim Business School’s values and program goals.

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List of Top Mannheim Business School Scholarships

Investing in your future through an Executive MBA program at Mannheim Business School (MBS) opens doors to a world of possibilities. Let’s delve into the details and discover the financial support that can propel your success at Mannheim Business School.

Industry Diversity Scholarship

The Industry Diversity Scholarship offered by Mannheim Business School is specifically for their Full-Time MBA Program, not their Executive MBA Program. It gives €2,000 to help pay for their tuition fees. It aims to promote a well-rounded student group by getting from more fields to apply. It’s open only to admitted students to the Full-Time MBA program. If you are one of the first three students from your industry to be accepted, you will automatically be considered for the scholarship.

Coverage€2,000 towards tuition fees
EligibilityOpen only to admitted students to the Full-Time MBA program
Application DeadlineVaries

Scholarship For The Most Outstanding Candidate

The Scholarship for Outstanding Candidates is a merit-based scholarship offered by Mannheim Business School specifically for their Executive MBA programs. It honors brilliant individuals with extensive experience and a strong international profile who can significantly contribute to the program. It covers a Partial Scholarship, meaning it covers a Portion of your tuition fees. To be eligible, you must have 10 years of work experience after postgraduate studies with 5+ years of experience as a leader or manager. Your academic background, professional achievements, leadership qualities, international experience, and contribution to the program are all considered. There’s no separate application for this scholarship.

CoveragePartial scholarship
EligibilityMust have 10 years of work experience after postgraduate studies or 5+ years of experience as a leader or manager
Application DeadlineJuly 15th

Distinction Scholarship

When we talk about distinction, we are referring to a number of accomplishments, a distinct motive, and desirable features such as an outstanding educational and professional background, as well as a good score on either the GMAT or the GRE exam.

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Scholarship for Women in Business

The Scholarship for Women in Business is a recognition and financial aid program offered by Mannheim Business School (MBS) specifically for their Executive MBA programs. Its goal is to empower and support women who have achieved remarkable success in their careers or social activities. Similar to other MBS Scholarships, it’s a partial scholarship, meaning it covers a portion of your tuition fees. The things that will be taken into account are your education, work experience, and ability to lead and drive. 

CoveragePartial scholarship
EligibilityExceptional achievements in professional careers
Application DeadlineJuly 15th


How much are Mannheim business school tuition fees for international students?

A total of Euro 42,500 is needed to pay for this program.

What GMAT score is required for Mannheim Business School?

Want to apply for the Full-Time MBA Program? You need to get at least 600 points on the GMAT exam.

What is the acceptance rate for Mannheim Business School?

The acceptance rate at the University of Mannheim is 36%.

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