Ireland Visa Process 2024: Insights 

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ireland visa process

Ireland visa is a certificate a passport/travel document that allows a foreigner to enter the country.  An Ireland visa can be obtained for educational purposes, visiting/tourism purposes, study, travel, business, and to join family in Ireland. To obtain an Ireland visa, a person must apply for the same. An Ireland visa application cost would be  INR 5,300. for a single entry. Indian nationals would have to apply through VFS for an Ireland visa. In this blog, we have explained the Ireland visa process in detail. 

Who needs an Ireland Visa?

An Ireland visa is required by any individual who is not a UK or Switzerland citizen to travel to the country.  The visa is granted for several purposes such as employment, business, filming, etc. Those who are from a country in the EEA (European Economic Area) do not require a visa. For example, Iceland, Norway, etc. The Ireland visa would be placed on the travel document or the passport of the visa holder.

List of Countries Requiring Ireland Visa

Individuals from ‘Visa Requiring Countries’ as listed by the Irish embassy need an Irlenad visa to visit the country. The following is the list of countries requiring an Ireland visa.

ireland visa process
  • India
  • People’s Republic of China
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Bahrain
  • Colombia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Indonesia
  • Kosovo
  • Montenegro
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Peru
  • Qatar
  • Philippines
  • Republic of North Macedonia
  • Serbia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Thailand
  • Ukraine
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam
  • Uzbekistan

Ireland Application Process 

The Ireland visa process for Indians is as follows:

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  • First, create an AVATS  application form, print it out, and complete the same 
  • Fix the visa appointment with the Visa Facilitation Service (VFS). Provide relevant documents for the same.
  • On the day of the visa appointment, submit the relevant documents. 
  • Make the visa fee payment either while booking the visa appointment or submit it as a bank draft to the Ireland Embassy
  • Lastly, wait for the Ireland visa application result.

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Documents Required for an Ireland Visa 

To apply for an Ireland visa certain documents must be presented. The following are some of the visa-specific documents needed for an Ireland visa application. 

Visa Purpose Documents Needed 
ATWS NursePossess atypical working scheme approval letter, passport, Nursing, and Midwifery Board of Ireland registration certificate, information about previous visa refusals, etc 
Business Proof of business requirement to travel to Ireland, medical and travel insurance, Host company link to Ireland, etc 
Atypical Working SchemePassport, photograph, atypical working scheme approval letter, travel insurance, medical insurance, etc 
Conference Provide conference link, proof of return to the home country, travel details, proof of accommodation, etc 
Critical Skills EmploymentEmployer letter, copy of the contract with the Ireland employer, details of previous work experience, proof of qualifications, etc
General Employment Employment Permit issued by the Department of Jobs, a letter from the employer in Ireland, a cover letter, a copy of the contract with the Ireland employer, proof of previous work experience, etc.
Employment Scientific ResearcherOriginal Hosting Agreement with a research organization, passport, copy of the employment contract, medical  or travel certificate, etc 
Film Crew Proof of traveling to Ireland for filming, a letter from an Ireland production company, proof of registration with the Indian film industry, etc 
InterviewOriginal letter from an employer confirming that the applicant is attending the interview, details about how the expenses would be managed, etc 
Examination Proof of existing employment status, Ireland company link, proof of return to home country, medical insurance, etc 
Join FamilyProof of relationship with the sponsor, demonstrate the eligibility of finances of the sponsor, identification documents, etc 
InternshipHost company letter, Garda vetting, demonstrate intention to return to the home country, etc 
Volunteering Provide the sponsor’s last 6 months’ bank statements, and present documents to prove that the person meets the eligibility requirements for volunteering tasks, etc
Medical treatment Letter from the hospital explaining the medical procedure to be performed and about the medical condition, Ireland hospital letter, etc 
Marriage/ Civil PartnershipProvide civil partnership or the marriage certificate, birth certificate, passports, etc 
Minister of ReligionMinister of Religion 3 years experience, police clearance certificate, etc
StudentUniversity offer letter, proof of funds, proof of English proficiency test,  AVATS summary sheet, etc
Performance/ TournamentProof of permission to reside in the UK, Letter from Ireland host, etc 
Visit Family/ Visit Frienda signed letter of invitation from your reference, Ireland family details, etc
TrainingExplain the reason for the visit resting to the education/employment, paper from the employer or university confirming the applicant would be undertaking training, etc
Visit Tourist/ GroupExplain the reason for the visit, provide accommodation details, proof of finances, etc 

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Ireland Visa Application Processing Time 

The Ireland visa processing time is as follows. Note: It is the median processing time is provided below:

Visa Type Median processing time (working days)
Business / Conference / Event10
Join family35
Employment (Critical skills permit)15
Others 25
Employment (General / Other permit)35
Appeals 40

When to Apply for an Ireland Visa?

ireland visa process

The Ireland Embassy recommends that the applicants allow as much as time possible to process their visa application. The reason is the vast majority of applications received by the embassy. Therefore, it is recommended that the applications must be submitted 8 weeks in advance, That is, submit the application form 8 weeks before the date of travel.

Ireland Visa Process Fees  

The Ireland visa fees vary depending on the type of visa. The visa fees would be the administration fees to process the application. Note; the Ireland visa fees cannot be refunded,

Ireland Visa Type Ireland Visa Processing Fee
Multi entry€100
Single entry€60

Ireland Visa Process: Refusal

The Ireland visa can be refused in several instances. These are mentioned below:

  • If the applicant has provided insufficient documentation
  • The documents are not translated into English or do not have a notarized translation
  • The information provided cannot be successfully verified 

In case of Fraud 

The Ireland visa process for fraud is visa refusal without the chance of appeal. A visa fraud would mean forged documentation, providing inaccurate information. etc. If the applications were sent as a part of the group, all the applications would be refused in that group without a chance of appeal, Moreover, a 5-year ban would be applicable. 

Ireland Visa Appeals

Usually, when an Ireland visa is v refused, the details of the same would be included in the visa refusal letter. However, those who want can appeal the visa decision. The application for appeal can be sent to the {New Delhi} Embassy of Ireland.


How long does the Ireland visa process take?

The Ireland visa process can take between 25 to 40 working days. However, this depends on the type of visa. 

Is Ireland visa easy to get?

No, The Ireland visa is not easy to obtain. The visa waiting time can be long. Moreover, it is possible that the applicant would not receive the desired date/venue of the application., 

Is there any interview for Ireland visa?

Yes. The interview is held for an Ireland visa applicant. The visa officer would check the background information regarding the planning, intention, funding, and ability of the applicant to maintain the visa conditions. The notification of an interview is generally for clarification. 

We hope you now understand what the Ireland Visa Process, its requirements, etc. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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