GRE Math vs GMAT Math: How Are They Different?

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GRE Math vs GMAT Math

GRE and GMAT are examinations taken before enrolling in a graduate program abroad. However, GMAT is only for prospective MBA students. Universities set the required GRE and GMAT scores that students have to meet. Often students have to submit either their GRE or GMAT score. The good news is, that the GRE and GMAT have similar math topics. Both have algebra, arithmetic, data interpretation, and word problems. However, the format of these examinations is different. Keep reading to know more about GRE vs GMAT math.


GMAT vs. GRE Structure & Scoring

Particulars GREGMAT
Aim of the examAdmission to graduate schoolAdmission to business schools
Test Structure60-minute analytical writing, 30-minute verbal reasoning sections, 35-minute quantitative reasoning sections. and 0-35 minute experimental section The 30-minute analytical writing section, a 30-minute integrated reasoning section, a 62-minute quantitative section and a 65-minute verbal section.
Test FormatComputer adaptive test and paper-delivered testComputer adaptive test
ScoringVerbal and Quantitative scores from 130 to 170 in 1-point increments.Overall 200 to 800 in 10-point increments.
Duration3.75 hours3.75 hours
Validity5 years5 years

GMAT Math vs GRE Math Structure 

The GMAT quantitative section measures a student’s ability to analyse data and draw conclusions using reasoning skills. In this section, mathematics is required to solve the question and the GMAT examination. However, the section of the GMAT paper is equivalent to the mathematics taught in secondary school classes. The duration of the quantitative paper of the GMAT is 62 minutes. The number of questions is 31. Basically, two types of questions will be asked data sufficiency and problem solving.

The GRE quantitative reasoning section measures a candidate’s mathematics skills, elementary mathematics concepts, and ability to solve problems with quantitative methods. The types of questions asked in the GRE include- arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analytics, 

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GRE Math vs GMAT Math: Types of Questions Asked 

The types of questions asked in the GRE vs GMAT math or the quantitative section are mentioned below:

Value order and factorsArithmetic topics
Algebra, equalities, and inequalitiesAlgebra topics
Statistics, Sets, Counting Methods, Probability, Estimation, Sequences and SeriesData analysis topics
Rates, ratios, and percentagesSymbols, terminology, conventions and assumptions
Geometry Geometry topics

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GRE vs GMAT Quantitative Section Duration

The duration of the GRE vs GMAT math examination is different. The quantitative section of the GRE is 35 minutes. The quantitative section of the GMAT is 62 minutes.

GMAT vs. GRE Math Difficulty

When it comes to GMAT vs GRE, the GRE quantitative section is much easier. In the GRE examination, textbook questions are asked. On the contrary, the GMAT examination gives more importance to the quantitative section.  Although GRE is must easier, there is no specific advantage to any student. The reason is, that the paper will be easier for all candidates.

Preparing for an exam? Or preparing for business school?

In the GMAT examination, the quantitative reasoning of the candidate is given much importance.GMAT contains more counting or combinatorics problems. On the other hand. The GRE examination contains more geometry questions. Hence, it is objectively easier. Students can get away by just memorizing.  

However. Business schools cannot benefit from the GRE’s traditional methodology. Those who study for the GMAT exams need to be ready for case studies in class, attend meetings at work, and speak intelligently about marketing plans and financial figures. But the other. For this, the GRE exam does not prepare a student. As a result, while others can opt for the GRE exam, those who wish to prepare specifically for business schools should take the GMAT exams.

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Is the GMAT or GRE better for math?

The GMAT quantitative section is more difficult than the GRE. Hence, those with stronger mathematics skills can opt for the GRE examination. Hence, students with strong math skills should take the GMAT examination to demonstrate those skills.

Is GMAT math similar to GRE math?

The GRE math section is more straightforward and most importantly it allows the use of calculators. On the other hand, the GMAT examination is for those with strong analytical skills, quantitative skills and those who excel in solving complex math problems. 

Is GMAT math enough for GRE?

No. Both tests require the candidate to work on the math skills. However, GRE is a paper that has questions centred around vocabulary.

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