IELTS Speaking Topics- Describe an important message you have ever received.

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IELTS Speaking Topics- Describe an important message you have ever received.

Q- Describe an important message you have ever received.

You should say:

  • when you received this message
  • who sent it to you
  • what was the content of the message
  • and explain why it was so important to you.

Ans- I remember receiving an important message a few months ago that had a significant impact on me. It was from my close friend, who I had lost touch with for a while due to our busy schedules.

The message contained her heartfelt apologies for not staying in touch and for missing out on some important moments in my life. She went on to express how much our friendship meant and how she regretted not prioritizing it. She promised to make more effort in the future to stay connected and to be there for me whenever I needed her.

This message was incredibly important to me for several reasons. Firstly, it was a validation of the significance of our friendship. It reminded me that despite the distance and time apart, our bond was still strong and valuable.

Secondly, the message was a reassurance that it is never too late to reconnect with someone who matters to you. It can be easy to let busy schedules and distractions get in the way, but reaching out and expressing your feelings can go a long way in strengthening relationships.

The message from my friend was a reminder of the importance of meaningful friendships and the value of reconnecting with people who matter to you. It also showed me the power of expressing genuine remorse and committing to making amends, even if it’s after a long period of time.

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