How Can I Pay My GMAT Fees in India?

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How Can I Pay My GMAT Fees in India?

GMAT is a  graduate management admission test taken by students to study abroad. The examination tests the integrated reasoning, analytical writing assessment, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning skills of the student. The examination is conducted for a duration of 3 hours and 7 minutes. Some of the top universities in the world accept the GMAT scores. However, to register for the GMAT examination students have to pay the required fee. Keep reading to learn more about the GMAT fees, and the payment methods.

Current GMAT Exam Fees in India

The GMAT exam fee in India is INR 21,000. The examination can be taken in a test centre and online. To get a good GMAT score it is advisable that students prepare well for the exam.

GMAT Fees in IndiaDelivered OnlineDelivered at a Test Center
GMAT ExamUS$300US$275
Additional Score ReportUS$35 eachUS$35 each
Enhanced Score Report (purchased at the time of registration)NAUS$30 
Cancel Scoe NAUS$25
AWA Essay Rescoring US$45US$45

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GMAT Exam Cancellation Fees

The GMAT examination cannot be cancelled within 24 hours of the examination. However, it is possible to cancel the examination 14 days prior to the exam. The GMAT cancellation fees are as follows:

GMAT Exam Cancellation Fees
Time Amount Refunded (online)Amount Refunded (Test center)
14 days and less before the appointment$60/INR 4,990.65 $ 55/INR 4,574.77
15-60 days before appointment$90/INR 7,485.98$ 80/INR 6,654.20
More than 60 days before the appointment$120/INR 9,981.31$ 110/INR 9,149.53

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GMAT Exam Rescheduling Fees

The GMAT examination can be rescheduled on the basis of the preferred date of the candidate. However, rescheduling fees have to be paid for the same. The GMAT rescheduling fees are as follows:

Reschedule time frameRescheduling fees (Online)Rescheduling fees (test centre)
14 days and less before the appointment15-60 days before the appointmentUS$180/INR 14,971.96
US$ 110/INR 9,149.53
US$ 165/INR 13,724.30
US$120/INR 9,981.31 
More than 60 days before the appointmentUS$60/INR 4,990.65US$ 55/INR 4,574.77 

GMAT Fee Waivers

The cost of attending a business school can be huge. Therefore, the GMAT fee waivers are provided. GMAT has left it up to the school to decide the fee waiver for students. Each applicant can apply to a total of 10 schools in a 12-month period. The GMAC has permitted educational institutions to set their own GMAT criteria. Therefore, a fee waiver can be applied to the undergraduate school or through the MBA program. The school will then determine the economic condition of the applicant for a GMAT fee waiver.

GMAT Exam Fees Payment Information

The GMAT exam fee payment information is as follows:

Credit and Debit Cards

  • GMAT registration fees can be paid either with a credit card or a debit card. However, while paying it is important to ensure that it is either a Mastercard, American Express, VISA, or Discover Network cards
  • The payment is automatically cancelled if the credit or debit card is declined. 
  • The registration will be cancelled if anyone is using a stolen credit card or debit card
  • If a candidate improperly challenges or disputes the fee with the credit card issuer, they can be barred from taking any further examinations or from making additional score report requests.

Cashier’s Checks, Money Orders, and Personal Checks

The following things have to be considered  while paying for the GMAT exam with a cashier’s cheque, money order, or personal cheque:

  • The payment has to be received by the Pearson VUE-GMAT in the US. 
  • The current date and the appropriate signature must be listed 
  • Additionally, the bank’s name and location have to be provided

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1. How can I pay for my GMAT exam from India?

The GMAT examination fees can be paid either by money order, check, or personal check. Those who pay by money order have to ensure that the payment is made to the  Pearson VUE GMAT in US Dollars and that the current date and signature is provided.

2. How do I pay my GMAT fees?

The GMAT fees can be paid either by a credit card or debit card. Those who have been mailed a physical form can also pay by money order, personal check, and cashier’s check.

3. Can you pay for GMAT with a debit card?

Credit card and debit card has to be used to pay the GMAT fees. That is, essentially use a Mastercard, American Express, and Discover Network Cards. 

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