How to Increase Your PTE Oral Fluency? 

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How to Increase Your PTE Oral Fluency
How to Increase Your PTE Oral Fluency

The Pearson Test of English, also known as the PTE exam, is an exam conducted to ascertain the English proficiency of candidates. The PTE exam has, over the years, gained widespread popularity and recognition. Today, the PTE exam is accepted not only by various universities and colleges but also by various countries as an indicator of English proficiency for candidates looking to migrate.


In this blog, we will discuss how to increase PTE oral fluency so that candidates can do better in their PTE exam.

Exam Full NamePearson Test of English
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Exam ModeOnline
Skills TestedWriting, Listening, Speaking and Reading
PTE Exam FeesINR 14,700
Official Websitewww.pearsonpte.com

Increasing PTE Oral Fluency

If you are planning to take the PTE exam, one of the most important aspects on which you will be adjudged upon is oral fluency. Candidates should be able to express themselves clearly in order to score well in the exam. Whether you are a native speaker or non-native speaker of English, several tips and tricks can help you improve your oral fluency. Accordingly, we have compiled a few methods by which candidates can improve oral fluency and fare better in the exam. Utilizing these strategies and methods can help you improve your fluency and become a more confident English speaker. With enough effort, you will be able to communicate with ease and confidence in no time!

Try Conversing in English as Much as Possible

One of the most effective ways to improve oral fluency is to speak English as much as possible. This means talking with native speakers, practising your pronunciation and actively engaging in conversations. By doing this regularly, you can develop a better understanding of the language and become more comfortable with the language.

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Listen and Absorb

Another important element for improving oral fluency is to listen carefully. Listening to native speakers will help you understand the structure of the language and its nuances. This can be done either by watching English TV shows or listening to podcasts. By being an attentive listener, you can also pick up new words and phrases which can be used in your conversations and expand your vocabulary.

Practice Reading Aloud

Reading aloud is another great way to improve oral fluency. Not only does it help with pronunciation, but it also encourages speaking more confidently and smoothly. To make this activity easier, try reading books that are written for young children as they often use simpler language. If you are looking for something more challenging, try reading poems or short stories out loud.

Fluency Exercises

There are also a variety of fluency exercises that can help with oral fluency. These include tongue twisters, listening activities, and speaking drills. Additionally, there are many online programs available that provide interactive exercises and games to help improve your English pronunciation and fluency.

Record Yourself

Listening to yourself is a great way to identify your pronunciation mistakes or things you want to improve upon. Candidates can give themselves any topic and start speaking on it for 2-3 minutes while recording themselves. Once the recording is played back, candidates can identify their own mistakes and correct themselves accordingly.

Maintain a Vocabulary Book

While reading and listening, you might come across different words that may not be new to you. Candidates should prepare and maintain a vocabulary book so that they can refer to their notes later. This will also help candidates build their vocabulary for the future.


What is the fee for taking the PTE exam?

The fee for the PTE exam is INR 15,900.

How can I improve my speaking skills for the PTE exam?

The most important tip for securing high marks in PTE Speaking is improving your oral fluency. This blog contains tips on how you can improve your oral fluency.

Is scoring in PTE as difficult as scoring in IELTS?

The scoring bands of both PTE and IELTS are different. The top band for scoring in PTE is 70+ marks. However, the top band is 6+ in IELTS. There are different parts to both PTE and IELTS exams. However, the same skills are required to score in both exams? 

In this blog, we have discussed the importance of oral fluency for success in the PTE exam. Candidates can use the tips discussed in this blog to improve their oral fluency and achieve higher scores in the PTE exam. With diligence and proper preparation, candidates can improve their performance and achieve their dream of studying or moving abroad.

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