IELTS Daily Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Your Favourite Law (Follow-up Questions)

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IELTS Daily Speaking Topic - Speaking Part 3: Your Favourite Law (Follow-up Questions)
IELTS Daily Speaking Topic – Speaking Part 3: Your Favourite Law (Follow-up Questions)

Discussion Topics

  1. Impact of Laws in Society
  2. Controversies the law generated
  3. Changes and Amendments in the Law

Follow-up questions

1. Impact of Laws in Society

Q.1. How do laws maintain order in society?

Ans. Laws are necessary to establish a code of conduct for individuals, businesses, and governments. They delineate acceptable behavior, help prevent disputes, and maintain harmony in society. For instance, criminal laws prohibit individuals from engaging in harmful activities, while civil laws provide mechanisms for resolving disputes between individuals or organizations. Moreover, laws ensure that justice is served when these rules are violated.


Q.2. Can you give an example of a law that has significantly impacted society?

Ans. The introduction of seat belts had a significant impact on society, reducing the number of accidents and serious road injuries. These laws have not only saved lives but also heightened awareness about the importance of vehicle safety. Furthermore, these regulations have prompted car manufacturers to enhance safety features, resulting in innovations such as airbags and crumple zones.

2. Controversies the Law Generated

Q.1. Can you give an example of a law that has generated controversy?

Ans. Laws concerning abortion have sparked extensive debates in societies due to varying opinions on women’s rights and the sanctity of life. These regulations have prompted discussions on issues such as freedom, religious convictions, and ethical considerations. The divergence in abortion laws across countries reflects the diversity of societal perspectives on this matter.

Ans.  Courts play a major role in interpreting the law and making rules that settle disputes. These rules have the power to establish precedents, which then shape how future interpretations of the law are approached. A prime example of this is the Supreme Court of the United States which had a crucial impact on resolving matters such as civil rights, abortion, and other controversial topics. Additionally, courts uphold the principle of ensuring just and consistent application of laws, thereby safeguarding the rule of law.

3. Changes and Amendments in the Law

Ans. One of the significant amendments was the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which stands out as a change as it gave women the right to vote. This amendment was officially approved in 1920, following years of efforts by activists fighting for women’s suffrage. It stands as a pivotal moment in reshaping societal values and has left a lasting impact on the political landscape of the United States.

Q.2. What challenges are associated with amending laws?

Ans. Amending laws can be a complex and challenging process. It requires broad consensus among lawmakers, which can be difficult to achieve, especially on controversial issues. For instance, debates surrounding gun control or immigration reform often encounter significant disagreements among legislators, making it challenging to secure the necessary support for amendments. Additionally, the process can be time-consuming and may face opposition from interest groups or the public. Even after an amendment is passed, there may be challenges related to enforcement or interpretation of the new law.

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