Identification Requirements for Duolingo Exam

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Identification Requirements for Duolingo Exam

The Duolingo English Test is one of the most popular English proficiency tests. The examination is undertaken by students wanting to study abroad. Universities usually demand English proficiency scores as a part of their admissions. Therefore, taking the DET can be useful. The examination is accepted by more than 4500 universities around the world. It is fast, convenient, and reliable. Moreover, the examination attempts are unlimited. However, to sit for the Duolingo examination students must present identification documents. Keep reading to know the identification requirements for Duolingo Exam.

About Duolingo English Test 

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is divided into 2 parts- An adaptive section and a video interview. The examination consists of 4 main sections-  Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking tasks. The Duolingo English test results are available within 48 hours. The fee for the examination is $59 (INR 4852).  

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Duolingo Exam Eligibility Criteria

Is a Passport Required for Duolingo Exam? The answer is yes. Duolingo examination can be taken by anyone from any part of the world. However. students must meet the entry requirements to be eligible to sit for the Duolingo Examination. 

  • Age- The examination has no age limit. However, students below the age of 13 require parental consent
  • Number of attempts- The examination can be attempted only twice in 30 days. The student can take the examination any number of times to achieve their desired result. Before, the next attempt students must receive the DET results.
  • Academic qualification- Academic qualification is not necessary to sit for the DET. Those seeking admission to universities abroad can apply for the examination.
  • Documentation- Students must meet the documentation requirements. Generally, a passport/driver’s license, military identification, or national ID photo proof is needed. However, the exact documentation needed differs on the basis of the country of the test taker.

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Identification Requirements for Duolingo Exam

The Duolingo Examination will only accept passports as identification documents from Indian test takers. Therefore a passport is needed for the Duolingo examination. The decision has been made by Duolingo as of December 2, 2021. It means Aadhar card, diver’s license, or PAN card will not be accepted. The security of the examination is the main priority of Duolingo. Hence, only passport is accepted for Indian test takers.

Identification Requirements for Duolingo Exam in Different Countries

The DET-accepted identification card depends on the country of the test taker. Here we have provided the list of countries with different identification requirements for Duolingo Exam.

Country/RegionPassportDriver’s LicenseGovernment Photo ID
South AfricaYesYesYes
South KoreaYesYesYes

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1. Do you need a passport for the duolingo test?

Yes. A passport is required for Indian citizens to sit for the Duolingo exam. Starting from December 2, 2021, only passport is accepted. That is, the Aadhar card card, PAN card, or diver’s license will not be accepted as an identification document.

2. Which ID is required for Duolingo English Test?

The identification card required for the Duolingo test varies on the basis of the test taker’s nationality. In India, a passport is only accepted as an identification card for the Duolingo test. However, in countries like Canada, France, and Germany, other identification documents along with a passport are accepted. For example, a government-issued photo identification card, or the diver’s license.

3. Is Duolingo enough for visa?

DET results are accepted for visas in the UK and US. However, in countries like Canada, and Australia although the results are accepted the process is different. That is, designated learning institution (DLI) acceptance is required for acceptance for study permits. 

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