Duolingo English Test Preparation: Top 5 Tips, Preparation Guide, Test Fee

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Duolingo English Test Preparation: Top 5 Tips, Preparation Guide, Test Fee

Duolingo English Test is an online English examination taken by students wanting to study abroad. DET tests the listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills of the candidates. It is a computer adaptive test and its results will be available within 48 hours of taking the test. Moreover, the DET test results can be sent to all universities for free by the test takers.


At present more than 4000 universities around the world accept the DET scores. Therefore, the examination is significant. Those who are appearing for the examination must prepare well. Keep reading to learn more about the DET and how to prepare for Duolingo English Test.

Duolingo Preparation: Test Prep vs. Test Readiness

Duolingo Preparation: The Duolingo English Test does not require the student to do the traditional method of preparation. That is, rote memorization,  and purchasing expensive resources for study.  The reason is, that Duolingo accesses the current level of English proficiency. Hence, what works for Duolingo is not test preparation but test readiness.  It is better to be test-ready and take the examination whenever the student is prepared. The examination can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Duolingo Preparation Guide 2024

Refer to the information below to have a good understanding of how to get ready for the DET exam, from a few weeks before the test date to the day of the exam. Follow the suggestions to get better prepared for the actual exam.

How to Prepare for Duolingo English Test: A Few Weeks Before Test Day

One of the first steps that a student should take before appearing for the Duolingo examination is to learn thoroughly about the examination. Therefore, it is essential to conduct research, read the official guide of Duolingo, and more, Secondly, it is important to practice English language skills regularly. Use the sample papers for the same.

Prepare for the Duolingo English Test: The Day Before 

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an online examination. Therefore, preparing the space to take the examination is equally important. Therefore, the candidate has to make sure that he/she has a quiet environment, a computer with a webcam, and internet connectivity. It is also essential for Indian students to have their passports in hand for identity verification. Don’t forget to purchase the DET in advance. On the exam day, this will help the candidate to click on just ‘start test’ to start the exam.

How to Prepare for the Duolingo English Test: On Test Day

On the test day, candidates must avoid using headphones. It is essential as the test won’t be certified if the face and ears are not visible. Similarly, it is important to take out an hour for the exam. Preparation has to be done beforehand to have the right mindset while taking the examination.

How to Ace your Duolingo English Test on the Day of the Exam?  

The Duolingo exam pattern has a single adaptive section. Try to be focused while taking the examination. Notice the time limit displayed on the test and try to finish the test on time. At the end of the examination, the student will have to undertake a video interview and writing test. These scores are sent to the university the student is applying for.

5 Tips To Score Better in the Duolingo English Test

Students taking the Duolingo English Test for the first time may find the exam difficult. That is why students must prepare thoroughly for the exam. We’ve compiled and shortlisted some of the top DET preparation tips and methods to assist you breeze through exam prep and improve your chances of scoring higher on the DET exam.

  • Keeping up with the exam pattern can help you grasp the exam’s criteria and what you need to do to do better. This will also help you understand the types of questions that may be asked, the amount of time you should spend on each question, and the level of difficulty you may expect when working through each part.
  • The more you solve sample papers, the better you’ll get at answering even difficult questions. This can also help you grasp the exam better and increase your overall speed and accuracy. It will boost your confidence when answering more difficult questions and give you an understanding of the question kinds and difficulty levels.
  • You may improve your vocabulary by consuming more English content, such as newspapers, novels, movies, and podcasts. It will broaden your understanding of the language.
  • You can develop a habit of daily reading. It will help you understand the context in which certain terms are employed. This will allow you to better understand the meaning of such terms. Another technique for improving your overall English is to engage in everyday interactions with English speakers. The more you speak English, the better you will get at understanding the language’s nuances.
  • Grammar books should be used to study and revise essential grammatical principles. This will not only enhance your grammar but also assist you learn how to use it correctly.

What is the Duolingo English Test Fee in India?

The Duolingo English Test Fee in India is $59. To register for the examination Indian candidates must pay the registration fee. After that, the DET test can be taken anytime, anywhere.

Duolingo English Test Validity

The Duolingo English Test results are valid for 2 years. The validity of the examination is the same as the IELTS and TOEFL examination results. The DET test results are accepted by 4000 universities. Students can send the results to as many universities as they want for free.

So that was all about how you can prepare for the Duolingo English Test. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic.

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1. Is the Duolingo English Test difficult?

The DET examination is difficult compared to other English proficiency tests. However, the difficulty level of the examination is dependent on the English language skills of the test taker.

2. Is Duolingo easier than IELTS?

Yes. The Duolingo exam is easier than IELTS as it does not require a deep understanding of the language. However, the IELTS exam requires in-depth knowledge of the language.

3. Is 75 a good score on the Duolingo English Test?

No, In the DET a score of 110 and above is considered a good score. Hence, a score of 75 is not good.

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