Best TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh

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TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh

TOEFL Coaching in Chandigarh: Test of English as a Foreign Language also popularly known as TOEFL is a standardised exam that is taken by thousands of students every year to get admission to foreign universities. Students usually take this exam to go abroad for further education. However, not everyone has the capacity to clear this exam in one go with a suitable score. To do so, it is very important for one to take proper guidance from an experienced instructor. By doing so, it will help one to ace the foreign language test.


Read this article to understand the importance of taking proper TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh. We will also provide 7 famous TOEFL coaching institutes in Chandigarh which will be quite helpful. 

Importance of TOEFL Coaching

Taking the help of TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh is vital for a candidate wishing to go abroad. By taking the help of an experienced TOEFL coach, the student will get ready for this English language exam for studying abroad. By taking TOEFL coaching, the student will get special training for each section in detail. 

Check out below all the points that will help know why TOEFL coaching is necessary. 

  • Enrolling in TOEFL coaching institutes helps one get proper preparation. This in turn will help one get proper guidance for the exam. One should always remember that TOEFL scores are taken into proper consideration by foreign universities which is also one of the eligibility criteria.
  • By taking the TOEFL coaching classes, the candidate gets to know some tips and tricks, time management and several other skills about solving the paper.
  • Lastly, one of the most important ones is that taking this exam and opting for coaching will help one improve their English language skills. 

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How To Choose TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chandigarh

When choosing the right TOEFL coaching centre, it is very important for the candidate to make an appropriate decision. Confused why? Here are some of the reasons why you should consider opting for the TOEFL coaching institute in Chandigarh.

  • Looking if a particular coaching centre is reputable or not. 
  • The institute should have experienced TOEFL coaches who will give the students the required information and solve all their doubts. 
  • The level of course materials that will be provided by the respective TOEFL coaching institute. Those should have the required number of practice tests for the students to solve. They should cover all the sections of the test.

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List of Top TOEFL Coaching Centres in Chandigarh

Now that the decision has been made to take the TOEFL exam. It is very important for one to choose the right coaching institute. Here is the list of all the TOEFL coaching centres which provide TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh.  

  • Jamboree
  • Manya Education
  • New Cambridge College 
  • Grey Matters
  • British Council
  • Western Overseas 
  • Pathfinders

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7 Famous TOEFL Coaching Institutes in Chandigarh: Address and Timings

Coaching Name Timings Address
British Council8:30 am–6:30 pmSCO 68-69-70, Level 3, 17C, Chandigarh
New Cambridge College 9 am–8 pmS.C.O. 80-81-82, Top Floor, 17D, Chandigarh
Western Overseas 9:30 am–6 pmSCO 441-442, 1st & 2nd Floor, Sec, 35C, Chandigarh
PathfindersSCO 481-82, 1st Floor, Himalaya Marg, Sub. City
Center, Sector 35 C, Chandigarh
Grey Matters8:30 am–6 pmSCO: 63-64 2nd FLOOR, 17C, Chandigarh
Manya Education8:30 am–6 pmSCO 130-131 Sector 34A, Behind Piccadily Road 3rd
Floor, Chandigarh
Jamboree10 am- 7 pmSCO-99-100 3rd Floor, above Sindhi Pastry Shop, 17B, Chandigarh


How much does the TOEFL test cost?

The TOEFL test costs around INR 16,900. Candidates opting for the paper-based test will also have to pay the same fee. 

Is it hard to crack TOEFL?

It is often believed that students from English-speaking countries don’t find this exam hard. Whereas students having issues communicating in English do find this exam difficult. 

How long is a TOEFL score valid?

The TOEFL score is valid for a period of two years after the test date. 

We hope this blog provides you with all the necessary information about TOEFL coaching centres. This blog mentioned the top 7 coaching centres, why is TOEFL coaching important and others.

This was all about TOEFL coaching in Chandigarh. Build a plan with Leverage Edu‘s Leverage Live classes and our top trainers and strengthen your English score as well as your application so that you can secure your spot in your dream college.

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