What is the PTE Exam Fee in India? A Comprehensive Overview

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PTE Exam Fee:  Aspirants intending to take the Pearson Test of English or PTE, must pay a requisite PTE exam fee. This ensures that the student is registered successfully and can take the exam on his designated exam date. That being said, Indian PTE aspirants are required to pay a PTE exam fee of INR 15,900, or 191 USD, in 2024. To get a comprehensive understanding of the PTE fees, read the entire article.


PTE Fee in India 2024

The PTE exam fee in India for the academic year 2024-2025 is INR 15,900 (191 USD). This amount is the total aggregate of the base PTE exam fee and an additional tax of 18%, which roughly translates to INR 2,425.42. That being said, it can be inferred that the base amount of the PTE exam fee in India sums up to INR 13,474.58.

Now that you know what the PTE exam fee in India is, let us delve into the nitty-gritty details of the PTE exam fee in the country. In other words, let’s dive deeper into the other formats of the exam and their prices in India. Have a look.

pte exam fee in india 2024

Country-Wise PTE Fee 2024

PTE aspirants from nations other than India or residing abroad can have a look at the following data to go through the country-wise PTE test fees in 2024. Have a look. 

country-wise pte test fee 2024

What is the PTE Registration Fee? 

The PTE registration fee differs from country to country. In India, the PTE exam fee or PTE registration fee amounts to INR 15,900. It must be noted that the PTE test fee and the PTE academic exam fee refer to the same thing. Therefore, PTE aspirants should not get confused when they come across the terms, as they mean the same thing with the same amount of INR 15,900. Individuals who book their PTE exam within a time span of two days will be required to pay a PTE late booking fee of INR 695.

How to Register for PTE? Step-By-Step Process

  • Test takers must first select their test on the official website of PTE. 
  • Students, prior to moving on to the next step, must agree to the terms and conditions stated by PTE. 
  • Once done with that, test takers must select their desired PTE Test Centre, test date and time according to their preference. 
  • Doing so will redirect test takers to a separate confirmation page, wherein, they would reflect their exam type, appointment details, and fee. 
  • After cross-checking their appointment details, test takers must pay the PTE registration fee. 

PTE Exam Cancellation Policy

PTE aspirants who wish to cancel their PTE slot booking must keep certain points in mind: 

  • They will receive a partial refund of 50% (of the PTE test fee) only if they opt to cancel their booked slots on the 14th calendar day prior to the test date. 
  • They will receive no refund if they are unable to cancel their booked slots within a week or two before the test date. 

How to Cancel Your PTE Exam?

PTE allows test takers to cancel their booked slots if they do not wish to appear for the exam or are unable to sit for the exam due to certain conditions. That being said, one can cancel their PTE exam, and get 100% refund of their registration fee, only if they tend to cancel their test within a span of 14 days prior to the test date. You can cancel your PTE exam on the PTE official website by following the mentioned steps: 

  • You must sign in to your ‘myPTE’ account on the official PTE website. 
  • Then, hover the option of ‘reschedule’ or cancel’ on your account dashboard. You will find the said option under the booking information section. 
  • Now, simply click on the cancel button. 

PTE Exam Rescheduling Fees 

PTE aspirants can reschedule their test dates for a different date with the help of the PTE rescheduling policy option. This feature allows candidates to reschedule their exam dates to their preferred dates. You can reschedule your PTE exam date on the official PTE website. If you wish to reschedule your PTE exam, you will be required to pay the specified PTE exam fees again. Depending on the time period before the exam, the candidate will need to pay a certain amount of the PTE exam fee. Here are certain points that one must keep in mind while rescheduling their PTE exam date:

  • Students who opt to reschedule their exam date eight days before the actual test date will be required to pay the entire PTE registration fee again.
  • Those who reschedule their exam date 8–13 days prior to the actual exam date will be required to pay an extra 50% of the PTE registration fee.
  • Individuals who reschedule their exam date more than 13 days before the actual exam date will not be required to pay any extra rescheduling fee.

So that was all about the PTE Exam Fee. Hope the blog has answered your queries regarding the topic. 

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Q1. Is there a PTE test fee concession?

Ans: No, PTE does not offer any PTE academic test fee concession. 

Q2. What is PTE Score Validity?

Ans: PTE scores remain valid till two years from the date of the exam. Once the two years are over, the expired PTE scores would be automatically removed from the test taker’s account. 

Q3. Can you get a discount on my PTE fees?

Ans: No, there are no discounts on the PTE test fees. 

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