How to Clear PTE on the First Attempt

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The PTE Academic test is conducted by the Pearson PLC Group as proof of English proficiency for candidates wishing to study or work abroad. PTE is one of the most reliable tests as it is a 100% computer-based English test whose scores are accepted by more than 3000 universities and colleges across the world.


Further, PTE scores are also considered by countries such as the UK and New Zealand for visa applications. Another advantage of the PTE exam is that the results are declared within 48 hours of the exam. 

Name of the ExamPearson Test of English or PTE
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Official Websitewww.pearsonpte.com
Exam ModeOnline
Exam FeeINR 15,900

Tips to Clear PTE on the First Attempt

The PTE exam is divided into 3 sections with the writing and speaking sections combining to form one section. The syllabus and skill tests of the three sections might be overwhelming in the preliminary stage of the preparation, especially for first-time exam takers. 

However, we have got you covered with our section-specific tips to help you clear the PTE exam on the first attempt itself.

Writing and Speaking Section

This section of the PTE test is the longest which takes around 54-67 minutes to complete and it contains 7 different types of questions. Our tips for this section are as follows:

  1. Cater to the word limit of the questions accordingly. A very long or very short answer is not recommended as it is a computerised calculated test and the algorithm works according to the fixed word limit.
  2. Focus on your grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. The better your vocabulary and grammar are, the better you will score in this section.
  3. In the speaking section of the PTE, keep your intonation in check to sound confident and authentic.
  4. Do not change your accent or voice as PTE recognises accents from all around the world.
  5. While speaking, if you realise you have made a mistake, do not stop, take a deep  breath and continue speaking. 
  6. Try not to fumble, stutter or fill in the gap with unnecessary information.

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Reading Section

This section takes around 29-30 minutes to complete and includes 5 types of questions. Read on to know some specific tips for the reading section:

  1. There is no negative marking applicable in the reading section. Take advantage of this and do not leave any questions unanswered. 
  2. Try to remember the content of the reading section, as the question will not be asked in chronological order. 
  3. You can begin by reading the question first and then the passage. In that case,  you will have an idea of what to look for in the passage. 
  4. Make sure that you eliminate the unnecessary information in the passage to find the answer that you were looking for.

Listening Section

This section of the PTE test is 30-43 minutes long and it contains 8 different types of questions. The questions are either in audio or video format which are played once and appearing candidates are allowed to make notes. Follow these tips to score well in the listening section:

  1. Listen to the audio attentively. You can practise by listening to English songs and podcasts which require extra attention. Watch movies and series with the substitutes in the beginning and then slowly and steadily, start watching without subtitles. 
  2. Improve your listening skills by increasing your vocabulary. Listen and watch movies, audio, etc with different accents. This will not only improve your listening skills, but it will also improve your spoken English as well.  
  3. Stay focused till the end of the listening section, as the answers are sometimes at the end of the question.


How many sections are there in the PTE-Academic test?

There are three sections in the PTE-Academic test and they are speaking and writing, reading and listening.

How is the score of the PTE-Academic test calculated?

The PTE-Academic test is scored against the Global Scale of English through a score band from 10-90. The examinees will receive an overall score based on this scale, which gives an accurate assessment of their English proficiency skills and ability without any bias.

Can examinees retake the PTE-Academic test?

Yes, examinees can appear for the PTE-Academic test if they are unsatisfied with the score they have scored. Examinees can retake the test as many times as they want. However, candidates should wait for scores from one test before booking another. 

The PTE-Academic test score is the most widely accepted English proficiency test score across the world for academic, professional associations and government departments for work and migration. We hope that this blog proves helpful for your preparation for the PTE-Academic test preparation and you are able to use these tips to ace the exam.

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