How Difficult is SAT: Difficulty Levels and Tips to Prepare

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How Difficult is SAT

The SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) is a competitive examination that a student has to appear for while studying undergraduate courses in countries mainly the US and Canada. It is organized by the College Board to assess their English language and aptitude. Many universities abroad are now accepting this exam and people are wondering about its differences with other competitive exams. People might wonder “ How difficult is SAT exam?” before appearing for the exam. In this blog, we have a detailed description of the difficulty of the exam and the preparation of the exam.

SAT Full FormScholastic Assessment Test
Mode of ExamPen and paper-based
Duration3 Hours 15 Minutes
Official Websitehttps://satsuite.collegeboard.org/sat/registration 

How Difficult is SAT Exam? : Difficulty Levels

The difficulty of the SAT exam depends on major factors such as;

Pressure of Time: The major factor determining the difficulty level of the exam is the time left for the preparation. Sometimes the limited exam time can give an added pressure of time.

Challenges Faced: Another factor is that there are many challenges faced in the practice of the exam. Candidates may feel difficulty in the practice which can impact their scores.

Variety of Concepts: The SAT exam comprises of variety of concepts in different subjects that may impact the difficulty level of the exam. 

Anxiety of Exam: The anxiety a candidate is facing also impacts the difficulty level of the exam. People may face anxiety levels on the day of the exam because for many reasons such as less preparation, and others. 

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How to Control the Difficulty of SAT?

As said before, the difficulty levels of the SAT exam vary individually based on some factors. It is very important to keep in mind that a candidate should manage these with some strategies and techniques and ace the exam.

Here are some tips for your help;

Create a Study Plan

The test-takers need to plan their study schedule. The candidate should have an idea of the exam pattern and the types of questions that are to be asked in the exam. This can help them to know their strengths and weaknesses and can allow them to prepare accordingly.

Use Practice Tests

It is very important to use practice tests that can help the candidate to have an idea of the exam. They can also know how they are scoring in each section and help them to take action according to it.

There are many online practice tests available for the practice on different websites. 

Time Management

Managing your time always becomes a big problem when it comes to attempting an exam. The candidates should have an idea before the examination how much time they can allot for each section. When there is not much time left for the exam to finish, they may feel a little pressure.

Focus on What You Can Manage

The candidates need to know what they can manage and what they cannot. Some factors as mentioned above are in the hands of the candidate to control. They should focus on these and try to improve their performance. 

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1. How hard is it to pass the SAT?

Scoring well on the SAT depends on many factors such as time constraints, pressure and much more. The candidate needs to practice more and more to secure good marks.

2. What is the full form of the SAT?

The full form of the SAT is the Scholastic Assessment Test.

3. What is the score range of the SAT?

The score range of the SAT is 400-1600.

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