Everyday Life Skills That May Improve Your PTE Listening Score! Check It Out Now

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Everyday Life Skills That May Improve Your PTE Listening Score!

PTE Listening: “What did he just say? Oh no, I missed that!”, sounds familiar. Does the PTE-A Listening section haunt you in one way or another? Do not worry, we have the perfect solution for you. The PTE Listening section will become your cup of tea if you include it in your daily life. Yes, you read that right! Include the practice in your daily routine. You can learn listening skills while carrying out your leisure activities. Let us remove the veil from the skills and learn everyday life skills that may improve your PTE listening score.

Exam namePearson Test of English (PTE)
Mode of ExaminationOnline
Conducting BodyPearson PLC group
PTE-A SectionsReading, Speaking-Writing, Listening

8 Everyday Life Skills That May Improve Your PTE Listening Score

Here are some of the everyday life skills that may improve your PTE Listening score:

  1. Listen to a Podcast: You can listen to English podcasts of foreign authors and concentrate on their words and accent. This will help you get familiar with the Listening part.
  2. Watch some movies: You can watch action or comedy English movies. Try to concentrate on the dialogues. 
  3. You can also listen to audiobooks: There are several apps where you can listen to your favourite novel. It will help you in many ways. You will be able to differentiate words and learn new vocabulary.
  4. Listen to TED Talks: You can listen to anything related to your interest area. Speakers from around the world speak on different topics with their accents. This will help you in getting familiar with the pronunciations and accents.
  5. Learn new words: When you improve your vocabulary you will be able to identify words and understand things better. Make a habit of learning at least 10 words daily.
  6. Try Meditation: Practicing meditation will help you concentrate more. It helps you focus and channel your thoughts in the right direction. 
  7. Listen to your favourite topic: It is known that if you listen to your favourite topic you will get positive results. So, practice listening skills by choosing topics you find interesting and fun.
  8. Watch News in English: You can watch English news to improve your listening skills, channels such as BBC, and CNN are some of the renowned news channels. 

 PTE-A Exam Pattern-Section Wise

As you already know that PTE-A exam is an english proficiency test and it has 3 sections: reading, speaking and writing, and listening. Here is the pattern of the exam segmented according to its sections.  

Personal IntroductionReading and writing: Fill in the blanksSummarize Spoken test
Read AloudMultiple Choice, Multiple AnswerMultiple Choice, MultipleAnswers
Repeat SentenceRe-order paragraphsFill in the blanks
Describe imageFill in the blanksHighlight Correct Summary
Re-tell LectureMultiple Choice, Single AnswerMultiple Choice, Single Answer
Answer Short QuestionsSelect Missing words
Summarize written textHighlight Incorrect Words
EssayWrite from Dictation

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How is Your PTE Score Calculated?

PTE score is calculated by PTE academic machine scoring system. Some of your responses are graded on the basis of their correctness, whereas others are marked on correctness, answer quality and formal aspects. The formal aspect refers to the response time; ie: the word count. 

The two types of scoring are:

  1. Correct/Incorrect: if the answer is correct one mark will be given.
  1.  Partial Score: if your response is partly correct you will be given a partial score. The score will be lower than the maximum marks.

What Does Your PTE Score Report Contain?

The PTE score report will include:

  • Personal details and photo.
  • Test registration ID and score report code.
  •  Your overall score.
  • A detailed description of the performance.
  • Communicative and enabling scores.

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How to Send Your PTE Scores to Universities?

Universities don’t accept paper or PDF format for The PTE score. So, here are the steps to send your scores to the universities.

  1. Login to your PTE account by visiting the official website.
  2. Move to the ‘Activity’ Section and select appointment.
  3. After this select ‘Send Score’.
  4. Type the name of your selected institution/department and select ‘Search’.
  5. Select the ‘recipient’, and click on ‘Selected programs’.
  6. Analyze the selected programs and click on ‘Next’.
  7. Click on ‘submit order’ to send the scores.


What is the total duration of the PTE-A exam?

The total duration for the PTE Academics exam is two hours. The exam is divided into sections which are Listening, Reading, Speaking and writing.

Can I crack PTE exam without any coaching?

Yes, you can crack PTE exam without any coaching. For that, you have to follow the syllabus of the exam and study accordingly. You can also practice questions of the exam to get a better idea about the exam.

What are the best books to prepare for PTE exam?

The Official Guide to the PTE exam book and the PTE Academic Official Preparation App can be used to prepare for the exam.

What is the mode of examination for the PTE Academic exam?

The mode of examination is online and it is conducted by Pearson PLC group. Students are given two hours to complete the exam. 

How much time is allotted for each section of the PTE exam?

The PTE exam is valid for 2 years. The score is accepted by major universities, and people willing to work abroad can also apply for the PTE exam.

PTE Listening skills can be improved while you do your everyday activities. When you listen to an English song focus on it’s lyrics, watch news in English, Listen to Podcasts. If you make the learning fun it will get good scores and also help you in the longer run. Polish your english by learning new words, listening to different speakers etc. 

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