5 Mistakes Everyone Makes on the PTE Speaking Tasks

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PTE Speaking Test Mistakes

Pearson Test of English or PTE is the English Language test for candidates applying to universities or countries abroad that use English as a primary language. The conducting body of the PTE Academic Exam is Pearson PLC Group and Pearson PLC group has launched PTE at Home. The PTE at Home is identical to the PTE exam. In the article below, the candidates will learn about the 5 mistakes everyone makes on the PTE Speaking tasks and general tips for the students to avoid these mistakes while giving the PTE Speaking exam.

Exam Full NamePearson Test of English
Exam Short NamePTE
Conducting BodyPearson PLC Group
Exam ModeOnline
Application ModeOnline
Skills TestedWriting, Listening, English Speaking and Reading
PTE Accepted by countriesUniversities in Australia, UK and New Zealand
PTE Exam Fees15,900
Types of ExamPTE Academic and PTE Academic UKVI
Official Websitehttps://www.pearsonpte.com/pte-academic

5 Mistakes Everyone Makes on the PTE Speaking Tasks

There are four sections in the PTE exam and PTE Speaking is one of the difficult tasks. Even those who perform very well in other sections of the PTE Academic exam fall short of scores due to poor performance in PTE Speaking Exam. This exam is difficult to clear especially for Non-Native English Speakers but with the help of the Right Study Material and a few tips, students can ace this exam. 

The mistakes that the students make in the speaking exam are mentioned below:

Placing the Microphone in the Wrong Position

The first mistake that every PTE test takers make is positioning the mic wrongly. If the candidates place the mic inappropriately then they will be unable to record the answers clearly which will result in the deduction of marks. To avoid this mistake students must keep in mind that the mic should be set parallel to the chin and not touched while speaking as this will result in a lot of noise.

Not Testing the Microphone

Pearson allows the candidates to check the microphone before starting the speaking test. If the candidates are facing trouble with their microphones then they can switch them. Before starting take advantage and check the microphone thoroughly.

Not taking PTE Mock Tests

Many students are not aware of the importance of the PTE Mock Tests and do not take sufficient tests before the exam. The Candidates make no effort to understand the PTE Speaking Exam Format. The Important aspect of scoring well in PTE Speaking tests is to understand the Test Format very nicely.

Not Paying Attention to Sentences 

The Candidates move to the next sentence without finishing the previous one because they are worried and try to hurry through the exam. This is not a good method as it will result in your marks getting deducted. The Students must think before speaking and finish the sentences before moving to the next statement.

Speaking Too Fast

Students should keep in mind that to deliver and record a clear message it is important to speak at a normal and comfortable pace. Candidates often forget this point and due to their nervousness and constant worrying about running out of time, they might fumble or speak at a fast pace and their marks get deducted. While practising the test candidates must focus on their speaking speed.

General Tips for the PTE A Exam 

The students who are preparing to study abroad or for finding a job,  it is important for them to prepare well and strategise before taking this PTE A exam. Here are some general tips to improve your performance in PTE Academic Exams. The PTE A General Tips are mentioned below:

Know the Exam Format

The candidates must know the exam format of the exam like, how many sections are there in the exam and the total number of questions in each section, and the time limit for each section.

Understanding the Marking Scheme 

The candidates must understand how the test is scored. All the questions in PTE are scored through 100% Artificial Intelligence which means the exam is scored accurately and fairly. Every candidate is given a score between 10 to 90 to show their level of English skills.

Set your Exam Target Score

Before a student tries to figure out how to score better – self-assessment is important. The students need to be aware of their own English Proficiency Level and then set a target score for themselves, in order for it to be more achievable and realistic. The candidates must practice scoring mock tests to understand how much they have to score to achieve in a real PTE Academic Test. 

Choosing the Right Study Material

When the students know how to score in PTE Exam, they should explore free study material or preparation resources online which will help them to clear their doubts.

Take a lot of Practice Tests

The students must keep on practising to build their knowledge and practice speaking English at home. The candidates must take a lot of Practice Tests so that they can know the level of the exam.


What are the mistakes students make on the PTE Speaking Test?

The mistakes that students make on PTE Speaking tests are:
– Leaving the sentences unfinished
– Speaking Too Fast
– Placing the Microphone wrong
– Not taking PTE Mock Test

How can someone practice PTE speaking?

The candidate must speak clearly and don’t rush. They will get 30 seconds to record their introduction. They should finish speaking before the progress bar reaches the end. The candidates will be able to record their introduction only once.

 How PTE Exam is marked?

PTE Academic Exam is scored on a scale of 10 – 90 where a 10 score is the lowest, with increments of 1 point. On the basis of the score scale, the score showcases the person’s ability to read, speak, understand verbal instructions and write the English language.

In the above article, the candidates will get to know about the 5 mistakes everyone makes on the PTE Speaking Tasks and general tips for PTE  A Exam which will help them to score the best in the exam. The candidates can get a good grip on the questions in the speaking section only through practice.
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