Duolingo Exam Registration Process 2023

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Duolingo Exam Registration Process

Duolingo English Test is a convenient, fast, and affordable test. The examination results are accepted by more than 4500 universities. Usually, universities abroad require students to present the English language proficiency test scores as a part of their eligibility. Therefore, those who want to study abroad can take the examination. The DET exam results are available in two days. Moreover, the results can be sent to all the universities for free. However, registration is mandatory to sit for the examination. Keep reading to learn more about the Duolingo exam registration.


Duolingo English Test Requirements

The Duolingo English Test requirements are as follows:

  • Diver’s License/Passport/Government ID
  • Schedule 60 minutes to take the examination
  • Must have a stable internet connection
  • Make sure that the front camera of the computer is working properly.
  • Make sure that the microphone and speakers are working properly

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Duolingo English Test Registration Process  

The Duolingo English Test registration is quick and hassle-free. The examination is conducted 100% online. The Duolingo registration process is as follows:

  • Add the email address, password, and age, and click on the next
  • On the next page, a student will be asked the question ‘what are you interested in?’’.  The options for the question are- school building, middle or high school admissions, graduate admissions, undergraduate university admission, and applying for a job/promotion.
  • Select the desired option and then choose to create an account
  • After creating the account the student can choose to either try the test’, purchase the test, or take the test. The second option allows the student to purchase the test and take the examination later on. However, the student must take the examination within the next 90 days.
  • After purchasing the test, the page will be redirected to a final checkout page. 
  • It is important to note that the student must take the examination within 90 days of the original Duolingo English Test booking.

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DET Registration Fee 2023

The Duolingo English Test requires the candidate to submit a registration fee. The registration fee covers the examination expenses. The DET 2023 examination fee is approximately $59 or INR 4,852. However, those who wish to buy 2 exam bundles must pay $98/INR 8,160.44. Those who want to purchase a test with faster results must pay additional fees. That is $40/INR 3,330.79.

Duolingo English Test 2023 Registration Fee Payment

The Duolingo English Test 2023 registration fee payment can be made either by Paypal/credit card. Once the results are out, the results can be sent to several institutions without any extra charges.

Duolingo English Test 2023 Registration Rules

Duolingo takes several steps to ensure test security. For example, incorporating AI to verify the test taker’s identity, cancelling the test if the student opens another window of a browser and more. Those who are taking the Duolingo examination must consider the following registration rules:

  • The candidate must take the examination in a well-lit room
  • The candidate should not use any earphones or headphone
  • The candidate should not bring any external materials to the examination. For example, devices, or textbooks
  • The face of the candidate must be clearly visible and the student must not communicate with anyone else 
  • The candidate must not look away from the computer screen during the examination

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1. How do I register for Duolingo exam?

Candidates must click on the option ‘take the test. Next, they must fill out all the necessary information. To sit for the examination a government ID or passport is mandatory. Other essentials required for the examination are a camera, microphone, internet connection, and a speaker.

2. How much does Duolingo test cost?

The Duolingo examination fees are approximately $59.1/INR4852.

3. When can I register for Duolingo test?

Visit the official website of Duolingo to register for the examination. Students must pay a test fee of $59 to complete the examination. After paying the registration fee it is possible to book the examination fee within 21 days.

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