Duolingo Preparation Tips

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Duolingo Preparation Tips

If you are reading this, you must already have enough information about the Duolingo English Test! However, if you don’t, the Duolingo is an English proficiency test accepted by universities worldwide. If we were to compare the test to other tests such as IELTS and TOEFL, then the conclusion would be that it is very different from them. However, every test has some similar preparation tips, the first one being that you should start preparing! Here in this blog, we cover all and tell you the Duolingo preparation tips so that you can ace your exam! 

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Step One: Understand the Rules and Requirements of the Test

Duolingo follows a strict procedure and has established multiple sets of regulations for applicants because the test can be taken online. While the proctors record and evaluate the entire test experience. Also, proctors make sure that no one is in your room during the test or that there is no background noise. In addition, candidates are not permitted to speak with others while wearing headphones. When taking the exam, candidates are not permitted to use a phone or any other device. Make sure you abide by all of these guidelines to avoid having to retake the test.

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Step Two: Prepping For The Test

Once you have registered for your test, you will need these Duolingo preparation tips. You will have access to practice tests that you can take unlimited times. We suggest you take one practice test right after your registration to understand your current performance and the sections that need honing. Every time you take a practice test, it will be different from the previous one.

Duolingo Listening

The first tip in the Duolingo preparation tips is for Duolingo listening. To perform the best in Duolingo Listening, you can:

  • Listen to different events including news, series, movies, podcasts, lectures, etc to get a better understanding of different accents.
  • You will usually hear British or American accents in the test, so you must focus on those.
  • Familiarize yourself with pronunciation in these accents, as some words are pronounced differently in each of them. 
  • You can start by using subtitles on the video which you should eventually turn off when you can understand the words clearly.
  • Do not depend on reading lips, as it can slow your learning curve. 

Duolingo Speaking

Moving on in the Duolingo preparation tips is Duolingo speaking. The speaking test will test your clarity, and ease of speaking on the topic you are given.

  • Practice speaking in front of the mirror if you are slow at speaking. 
  • Be very cautious of the pronouns, and prepositions you use while speaking. The words should be grammatically correct.
  • Make sure to speak in full sentences, as many have a habit of saying half of the sentences.
  • Have a conversation with people who are proficient in English.
  • DO NOT try to copy any accent, stay natural.

Duolingo Writing

Next in our Duolingo preparation tips, we focus on Duolingo writing. Duolingo Writing test will judge your writing abilities, grammatical hold, and quality of content.

  • Read a lot of books, but do not go for the easiest ones! You can read timeless novels like Pride and Prejudice, Frankenstein, etc, or news by The New Yorker, Times, etc, and focus on their vocabulary.
  • Learn new words that can glorify your comprehension but do not go Shashi Tharoor on them, that no one can understand! 
  • Write a piece of content every day on a different topic.
  • Have someone analyze your writing skills, and rank you every day. Make sure you do not repeat the mistakes.
  • Learn different words so you can differentiate between English words and nonsensical words.

Duolingo Reading

Focusing on reading is one of the most important Duolingo preparation tips. Duolingo Reading test will check your ability to read and analyze the written content. You will be given a piece of comprehension for which you will then answer questions.

  • You can write notes on the articles you read every day.
  • Make sure you know the meaning of most of the words you can know of, but if you cannot, try and make the most sense of it by reading the sentence. 
  • Solve comprehension passages from practice papers or online.

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Step Three: Prepping Before The Test

After following all the Duolingo preparation tips, you need to be ready for the main day of the exam. Now that you are ready to take the test, it’s time that you actually take it! Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare, certain things can hamper your performance on the day of the test. You must be aware of those and be mentally prepared for the test.

  1. Prepare all your documents before the beginning of the test:
    • A valid ID: passport, driver’s license, or any other government ID
    • A well-lit room with no noise around
    • A computer with a front-facing camera, speaker, microphone, and a supported browser (Chrome, Opera)
    • High-speed internet
  2. Read all the rules mentioned by the Duolingo Test Committee
  3. You cannot wear headphones, or have anyone else in the room
  4. You cannot take any notes
  5. Be mentally prepared before the test

Step Four: Take a Mock Test

A free Duolingo sample test that takes about 8 minutes to complete is available on the website. The easiest method to familiarise yourself with the test through some sample questions and answers, as well as an approximation of your performance, is to do so! No two Duolingo tests are comparable to one another. It can be challenging to study directly for the questions without first going through the mock exam.

Duolingo Preparation Tips

Now that you know how to prepare for the Duolingo English test, here are some general preparation tips that can help you during this test.

  • Take as many practice tests as possible. It will help you track your performance.
  • You do not know what will be asked, so prepare as much as you can.
  • However, do not go overboard with a particular section that may end up hampering the other parts of the test.
  • Learn to stay calm. Do not let your anxiety get the best of you.
  • Do not rush with the test. Take your time with the questions, keeping in the mind the time limit.
  • Do not skip any question as unanswered questions have negative markings.


1. Is Duolingo test hard?

It depends on your own performance. Every question you answer correctly is succeeded by a tougher question. But if your answer is incorrect, it gives a fairly easy question.

2. Is Duolingo easier than IELTS?

Duolingo is not easier but a shorter test than IELTS. However, to be able to answer your questions in time, you must have a good command of English.

3. Is 120 Easy on Duolingo?

A 120 in Duolingo test is equal to 7 in IELTS. So, it won’t be the easiest. If you follow the Duolingo preparation tips and work hard, you can achieve it.

4. How many times can I take a Duolingo test?

There is no limit to taking the Duolingo test but you cannot take it more than twice in a 30 day period.

5. What is a good Duolingo English test score?

Your Duolingo score’s value is as good as the university you wish to target with it. But, anything about 95 scores is seen as a good score. 

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So, this was all about the Duolingo preparation tips. Now that you are here, it’s time you start working on these tips and tricks for the test. Just remember to dedicate quality time to your preparation so you can ace it on the first try. Are you worried about which career to choose or how to go about your admission process, get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts. They will guide you every step of the way. Sign up for a free session today! 

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