Duolingo Daily Topic: Speaking Task (Speak about the image for about 90 seconds)

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Duolingo Daily Topic: Speaking Task (Speak about the image for about 90 seconds)

Ans: The image is of a tennis match, being played with players who are in wheelchairs, so it seems to be an adapted version for people with physical limitations. The court is a grass one. One of the male players is about to make a serve. The ball girl on the right side looks like she is ready to swoop in if the player needs another ball. The referee is carefully observing as well. The audience members appear to be enjoying the play and there are some young people in the stands as well. The daytime match is taking place in cool weather as the people in the image are wearing casual summery, or maybe, springtime outfits.


Q 2. Speak about the image for 90 seconds.

Ans: The given picture is of a Western or Christian wedding. I have seen such ceremonies in romantic movies, TV shows and several series. It is a bright sunny and clear day at the venue. The outdoor location must have been selected by the couple or maybe their families and it looks like a great choice. The lake makes for a beautiful background behind the altar. The officiant is smiling as the bride and the groom take their first walk as an official duo.

The newly married young man and woman are waving at their family and friends who are the guests attending the ceremony. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen are also cheerful and they are mostly wearing light greys and pinks for their suits and dresses. The floral arrangements also look carefully assembled. This is going to be followed by a reception or a party as everyone gets to enjoy the happy occasion.

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