Curtin University Dubai Scholarships: Complete Details

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Curtin University Dubai Scholarships

Curtin University Dubai Scholarships is known for its high-quality education and diverse student body. The University is dedicated to helping each student reach their higher education goals in Dubai. Understanding how important it is for students to be able to afford higher education, Curtin Dubai University provides a variety of scholarships and other forms of financial assistance to help students in the Foundation program, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate programs, as well as specializations such as Business Management, Engineering, Information Technology, and Healthcare. Curtin University Dubai can help you find ways to follow your dreams and reach your full potential, whether you excel in academics, sports, or community service, or show financial need.

Institution NameCurtin University Dubai
Established on1987
Acceptance Rate65%
LocationDubai (UAE)
Scholarships For Foundation Program, Undergraduate, and Postgraduate Degree Programs

List of Top Curtin University Dubai Scholarships

Curtin University Dubai helps students from all walks of life pay for their education by giving them a range of scholarships and other forms of financial assistance. These Curtin University Dubai Scholarships are given out based on need, academic achievement, and other things. Here is a table that lists the different scholarships that are available.

Scholarship NameCoverage Deadlines
Academic Excellence ScholarshipUp to 50% of tuition feesVaries
Professional Excellence Scholarship (Postgraduate)VariesVaries
Excellence in Sports ScholarshipUp to 50% of tuition feesVaries
Pro-Vice Chancellor’s Scholarships (Undergraduate)VariesVaries
SP Wahi ScholarshipVariesVaries
Financial Aid BursaryVaries based on individual circumstancesVaries
Women in Engineering GrantVariesVaries
Alumni GrantVariesVaries
Family GrantVariesVaries
Australian/UAE National GrantVariesVaries
Early Bird OfferVariesVaries

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Top 5 Curtin University Dubai Scholarships

Here are 5 notable Curtin University Dubai Scholarships based on factors like award amount, program flexibility, and potential impact.

Founder’s Scholarship

This prestigious scholarship recognizes success in a variety of fields, including academics, athletics, community service, and contributions to industry. With this scholarship, one outstanding student is awarded full tuition costs each year. Without imposing any financial constraints, it enables access to a world-class education.

CoverageFull tuition fees
EligibilityExceptional students are selected annually based on a combination of factors like academic excellence, sports involvement, community service, and industry contributions
Application DeadlineVaries

Excellence in Sports Scholarship

Scholarships like this one, which may cover up to 50% of a student’s tuition fee, are awarded to students who have shown exceptional athletic ability at the national or interstate level. It encourages the talented athlete to seek academic excellence alongside their athletic pursuits.

CoverageUp to 50% of tuition fees
EligibilityDocumented record of significant sporting achievements at the inter-state or national level
Application DeadlineVaries

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Students who have shown extraordinary academic performance in high school or 12th-grade level are eligible to receive this scholarship, which may include up to 25% of their tuition fee waiver. The fact that it offers substantial financial support to students who are academically capable makes it an attractive choice for a great number of students.

CoverageUp to 50% of tuition fees
EligibilityOutstanding high school grades based on entrance qualifications (e.g., IB, SAT, ATAR)
Application DeadlineVaries

Financial Aid Bursary

This scholarship provides varying award amounts that are determined by the individual’s requirements and academic potential. It is designed specifically for students who are experiencing financial difficulties. This makes it possible for students who are struggling financially to overcome their limits and have access to great education in Dubai.

CoverageVaries based on individual financial circumstances
EligibilityDemonstrated financial need and academic potential
Application DeadlineVaries

Early Bird Offer

Students who apply and accept their offer early are eligible for variable discounts and may take advantage of this incentive. Although it is not strictly a scholarship, it is a notable alternative since it may give considerable financial benefits to students who are proactive in their pursuits of higher education at Curtin University Dubai.

CoverageVaries (discounts or other benefits)
EligibilityApplying and accepting your offer early
Application DeadlineEarly application deadlines set by the university

Factors Affecting Selection For Curtin University Dubai Scholarships

There are several factors that can affect your eligibility and chances of receiving a Curtin University Dubai Scholarship.

  • The most important factor is your academic performance for Academic Excellence Scholarship.
  • For International students, scores on exams like the ACT, SAT, or IB can be used to assess academic potential.
  • Some scholarships may be available to students who only want to participate in specific programs.
  • Scholarships like the Financial Aid Bursary are very specific about helping students who are academically strong but limited financial resources.
  • Outstanding Sports performance at the interstate or national level rewards students with the Excellence in Sports Scholarship.
  • Scholarships like the Founder’s Scholarship and potentially others might consider these aspects alongside academic performance.
  • Early application and acceptance can help you get the Early Bird offer or other scholarships with similar deadlines.
  • Ensure your application is complete, meet all the requirements, and showcase your strengths effectively to improve your chances of admission.

How to Apply for Curtin University Dubai Scholarships

Here is the overview of how to apply for Curtin University Dubai Scholarships.

  • First, visit the official website at and explore the scholarships and financial aid sections.
  • Identify scholarships that align with your academic profile, financial need, and other relevant factors.
  • Follow the application instructions provided by each scholarship.

Required Documents

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency Tests (TOEFL, IELTS)
  • Standardized Test scores
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Evidence of Financial Need
  • Supporting Documents

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Does Curtin University Dubai offer scholarships?

You can apply for scholarships for Undergraduate and graduate programs in Dubai either online or by getting a PDF form and sending it in. Certain scholarships are given to students who meet certain requirements without them having to apply for them.

How much percentage is required for scholarship in Dubai?

Students who want to get scholarships should have a total GPA of at least 2.00 (70%). If their total GPA is less than 2.00 (70%), the university will look at giving them the grant again. Scholarship recipients should work hard at school.

Can I get scholarship to study in UAE?

There are three partial grants available to outstanding international students at the United Arab Emirates University. The recipients are chosen by the university’s rules based on their interests and the number of students who are accepted.

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