Top Hangout Spots Near INSEAD, France

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top hangout spots near insead

INSEAD is also referred to as “Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires.” It is a non-profit organization located in Fontainebleau, France. Although this graduate-only institute is also operating in Asia (Singapore), North America, and the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). INSEAD business school is the largest business school in the world. This management institute offers a wide range of MBA programs i.e. Masters in Finance, Executive MBA, PhD programs in management, and many more. Students from around 100 countries enrol in INSEAD for higher education. This blog will guide you through the top hangout spots near INSEAD, France.


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Why Study at INSEAD?

Being an international student, especially from India you might wonder why you should choose INSEAD. Here is a reason for your answer:

  • Established in 1957, it is a private business school which comes among the best 100 global business schools.
  • The course curriculum and the infrastructure are high-class and the institute would provide life-changing exposure to its students. 
  • INSEAD accepts students from almost 100 different countries who are guided by their highly-educated and trained faculty members. 

If you are studying at INSEAD or planning to go there then, you would want to know some of the top hangout spots near INSEAD, France. So, the following list covers some of them for your reference.

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Top Hangout Spots Near INSEAD, France

Now that you have some crucial details about INSEAD business school, here are some of the top hangout spots near INSEAD to help you plan and enjoy your off-day/evening activities better.

Château de Fontainebleau

Château de Fontainebleau
Source: Wallpaper Flare

The Palace of Fontainebleau is the beauty of Fontainebleau. It shines 55 kilometres southeast of the centre of Paris. This castle is located only a 4-minute drive from INSEAD. So, students could easily explore this beautiful castle and witness its glory. It is one of the top hangout spots near INSEAD, France, since it has over 1500 rooms and parkland and gardens are spread over an area of 130 acres. 

Château de Fontainebleau is one of the largest French Royal Castle in France. It was the royal residence for the French monarchs until the 19th century. If you visit this palace during your stay in France then, you would witness French history, architecture and art history.

Address: 77300 Fontainebleau, France

Phone Number: +33 1 60 71 50 70

Can Guven Japanese Garden

Source: Parc-attraction.Tel

CAN GUVEN JAPANESE GARDEN in Fontainebleau, France is just a 2-minute drive from INSEAD. It is a great hangout spot for students. Students can easily walk through the garden and enjoy their break. You can sit in the garden, have food, socialize, play games with your friends and have fun during the pass-time.

This garden will reflect the touch of Japanese culture. Moreover, there is a sitting area in the garden, beautiful flowers and greenery all over which will refresh you. It is a perfect place located in close proximity to INSEAD and you can even walk to the garden. 

Address: CAN GUVEN JAPANESE GARDEN, Amphithéâtre Ullman, Bd de Constance, 77300 Fontainebleau, France

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Musée Départemental des Peintres de Barbizon

Musée départemental des peintres de Barbizon
Source: Voyages Impressionnistes

It is a painter’s museum which is only a 12-minute drive from the INSEAD. For art lovers and those who love to find out the history behind things, this is a delightful place to visit. It is one of the most beautiful and top hangout spots near INSEAD. 

This museum is basically an art museum which is located in the village of Barbizon in France. Barbizon Village has an exciting and historical significance in the world of art. If you wish to unfold the history of Barbizon School of the 19th century, then, you must make a visit here during your stay in France 

The museum displays a remarkable collection of drawings, paintings, and sculptures which are painted and designed by the artists of Barbizon school. You can explore rural scenes, pictures depicting rural life, beautiful landscapes, and the local life of the village.

As a student, you would get to know about the real-life history and lifestyle of the people of Barbizon.

Address: 92 Grande Rue, 77630 Barbizon, France

Phone Number: +33 1 60 66 22 27

Canal Du Châteaux Fontainebleau

Canal Du Châteaux Fontainebleau
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Canal Du Châteaux Fontainebleau is only a 5-minute drive from INSEAD. It is a 1.2 km long canal which is in the Palace of Fontainebleau. This canal is surrounded by lawns. You can visit this one of the top hangout spots near INSEAD, sit there and relax and enjoy relaxing by the water.

The canal is covered with trees and greenery at both ends of the canal and there is a bridge across the water. The place is like beautiful scenery. 

Address: Bridge, Le grand Canal, Av. des Cascades, 77300 Fontainebleau, France

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Q1. How to get to Fontainebleau from Paris by train?

Ans. If you are travelling from Paris to Fontainebleau by train you need to take the train from Paris Gare de Lyon (main lines) towards Montargis, Montereau, or Laroche-Migennes, and get off at the Fontainebleau-Avon station. 

Q2. Is Château de Fontainebleau worth visiting?

Ans. Yes, Château de Fontainebleau is one of the top hangout spots in INSEAD, France. If you are a history lover then, this is a perfect place to visit in France as you would get to know about various events that took place here back in time. 

Q3. Is Fontainebleau a day trip from Paris?

Ans. Yes, you can easily visit Fontainebleau from Paris as it is only 68 km southeast of Paris. Moreover, you can choose public transport to get there and if you have your own car then, it would be more convenient for you to reach there. 

This was all about the top hangout spots near INSEAD, France. If you wish to know more about student life abroad, subscribe to Leverage Edu. Reach out to our experts and book your 30-minute free consultation on 1800 57 2000 to ease your study abroad experience.

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