Study in Australia: University of Sydney Celebrates 100 Years of Getting International Students 

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The Univesity of Sydney stated that they have been welcoming international students for the past 100 years and have Planned to Celebrate it.

The University of Sydney stated that it will be completing 100 years of welcoming students from different parts of the world in 2023. This way they will be able to highlight the role of the university in the overall evolution process to achieve higher ranking in the world. 

Professor of History and Univesity Historian, Julia Horne, stated that the University first accepted international students from China in 1923. The name of the first student was N.Y.Shah from Wuhan, who was pursuing education to become a teacher in China. 

From 1950, international students from Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Malaysia etc started getting admitted to the University. 

Study Abroad: The University of Sydney Celebrates 100 Years of Getting Intnertaional Students

This exhibition is another great way to focus on the invaluable contribution that international students have made to university life while also welcoming their return since the impact of COVID-19. 

She also stated that the celebration will help students learn many things. This also includes learning more about the history of the international students appointed at the University of Sydney. In addition, it will also highlight the significance of international students while focusing on the academic and cultural benefits. 

What about the Exhibition?

A working group at the University is planning to lead the celebration by the SUPRA and the Usyd Student Life. This group has brought the proposal for this occasion in the first place. Students are very excited about this celebration and are looking forward to it.

Weihong Liang, the current president of SUPRA, stated that this will provide the students with a specific platform to showcase their voices. The president also stated that international students play a major role in developing global as well as diverse academic opportunities. 

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