Canada GMAT Requirements

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Canada GMAT Requirements

Are you considering pursuing a business degree in Canada? Many of Canada’s prestigious business schools require applicants to submit GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) scores as part of their admissions process. The GMAT is a standardized test that measures the candidate’s analytical writing, verbal and reasoning skills. In this blog post, we will explore the GMAT requirements for Canadian business schools, why the GMAT is important, and how to prepare for it.

Name of ExamGMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) 
Score Range200-800
Duration3 hours

Why is GMAT Important for Admissions in Canada?

The GMAT is an essential component of the admissions process for most Canadian business schools. Here are a few reasons why it holds such significance:

  1. Standardized Evaluation: The GMAT provides a standardized way for schools to evaluate candidates from diverse educational backgrounds. 
  1. Comparison with Other Applicants: Business schools receive applications from a large pool of candidates. Your GMAT score helps them compare your academic level to other candidates who want admission.
  1. Scholarship Opportunities: Scoring well can help you secure financial aid to support your education. Some business schools offer scholarships to students with exceptional GMAT scores. 

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Top Universities Accepting GMAT Scores

These are some of the top universities accepting GMAT Scores in Canada:

UniversitiesAverage Score
University of Toronto678
Queen’s University656
Western University 660
McGill University670
York University660
University of British Columbia 650
University of Alberta650
Concordia University580
Dalhousie University550

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What GMAT score is required to gain admission to GMAT?

An average of 550 is required for admission to different courses in Canada. Most of the courses are now taking accepting applicants with valid GMAT scores. 

What is the full form of GMAT?

The full form of GMAT is GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test).

Is it necessary to have GMAT scores for admission in Canada?

Most of the countries are now accepting valid GMAT scores for admissions to the top universities in Canada. Yes, certainly a lot of universities have now made it mandatory for admission based on GMAT scores. 

We hope this extensive article on the same has helped clear some of your confusion related to the GMAT exam. If you’re planning to appear for the aptitude test and need further assistance, Leverage Edus experts can guide you on how to strategize better so that you can ace the test and soar towards your dream college!

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