Study abroad in USA: The best ways to skip the queue for US visa appointments 

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Study Abroad in the US: New Visa Update for International Students
Recently, the US embassy has stated that they have introduced initiatives to reduce the overall number of backlogs in student and work visa applications.

The United State embassy announced that they have plans to address some specific applications so that they will be allowed to seek proper appointments in other countries. This specific aim will undoubtedly prove beneficial for students who have plans to study abroad in the USA. 


Apart from reducing the overall number of backlogs, this move will also reduce the waiting time for the US visa at some specific centres in India. The US embassy stated that Indians who are applying for a tourist visa or a business visa will be allowed to apply for an appointment at the embassies that are situated outside India. 

How the US Visa Will Have an Impact

The US embassy cited Thailand as a great example, stating that the country is capable of providing both the B2 as well as B1 visas. The United States has also announced different types of initiatives that will prove helpful to reduce the backlogs in visa appointments.

Apart from increasing the overall strength of the consular staff, the US embassy also started organizing special interviews for the applicants who are applying for a US visa for the first time. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most staff from the US embassy had to go through numerous visa applications even though the number was low. India was considered one of the very few countries where the students and other individuals for US visas witnessed a major upswing after the travel restrictions related to coronavirus was lifted. 

The United States also announced that they plan to hire more staff to smoothen the visa process. People who want to renew their visa can submit their relevant applications. Since the US government already possess biometrics, they don’t need to appear for another biometric evaluation. 

The US consulates and embassy stated that they might receive a record number of Indian students visas who want to apply to US universities

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