Study Abroad in Spain: IE Business School Overtakes Warwick Business School

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IE Business School Overtakes Warwick Business School
IE Business School Overtakes Warwick Business School
IE Business School Overtakes Warwick Business School is becoming the top provider of MBA curriculum based on the post-study opportunities.

According to the eleventh annual FT assessment of the business degree, IE Business School in Spain has surpassed Warwick Management School in the UK as the top provider of Online MBAs, performing well on indicators such as salary increase after graduation. IE Business School overtakes Warwick Business School in the provision of Online MBAs when FT ranking comes in.


Warwick and Imperial College continue to hold excellent places in the top ten ranked institutions, ahead of two other UK universities: Durham and the University of Liverpool. 

Together with the University of North Carolina and the University of Florida: Warrington, both seasoned competitors, Carnegie Mellon and the University of Massachusetts Amherst did well in the US. 

The FT ranking comes at a time when online learning is becoming increasingly popular. This interest peaked during the Covid pandemic when many business schools and other higher education institutions started providing students with a broader range of hybrid, synchronous, and asynchronous options. 

The overall demand for MBAs in North America and Europe has decreased, partly due to a tight labour market where firms are trying to keep their current employees by offering them incentives instead of losing them to full-time schooling. 

Program Structure and Online Study

The traditional distinction between online and in-person classes has changed as a result. Even some of the top business schools now provide online instruction, often supported by certain in-person events. In order to encourage more part-time study and reduce the need for campus travel online study is better.

One former student at IE Business School in Madrid claimed it “offers a unique blend of disciplines in a very beautiful city … I particularly loved the emphasis on accounting and entrepreneurship, which was really valuable in planning for future positions and prospects”. Prior to professional chances, management growth, and pay raises, online MBA students responded that personal development was what drove them to pursue their studies. Compared to full-time MBAs in-person, fewer students in online courses expressed interest in raising their pay or changing their profession, company, or nation. Nonetheless, a bigger percentage of online users—16%—wanted to launch their own businesses.

10 of the Best Online MBA Ranking 2022

Three years after graduation, IE Business School graduates reported the second-highest average salaries. This is reported when adjusted for purchasing power parity, at about $206,000. This was slightly less than the $233,000 industry standard for the Isenberg Online MBA at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. 

In addition, graduates from IE Business School reported the second-highest pay rise as a result of their degree, as well as the lowest total average completion time of just 1.5 years, as opposed to as long as 4.5 years at the University of Liverpool Management School

 In both online MBA study and teaching, men still outweigh women. University of Massachusetts Amherst: Isenberg had the highest percentage of female students, at 41%, while IE Business School came the closest to gender parity among its professors at 49% of women. IE Business School claimed a 92% non-domestic student enrollment rate, whereas Imperial reported a 97% non-domestic enrollment rate.

IE Business School Overtakes Warwick Business School

Alumni Opinions of IE Business School

Alumni opinions on the level of student interaction, teamwork, and instructor accessibility are taken into account. This is unique among FT rankings and significant for online learning. In terms of those metrics, IE came in second place to Tepper after Carnegie Mellon. This would essentially talk about why IE Business School overtakes Warwick Business School in online MBAs.

Graduates evaluate Isenberg, a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Isenberg excels in live classes, other instructional materials, and online tests. 

The Online MBA ranking places a new emphasis on sustainability, aligning with the FT’s recent 2023 Global MBA ranking. This grants credit to business schools – or their larger universities – for producing a public carbon emissions report. Additionally, announcing a goal date for net zero emissions.

The FT50 list serves as a gauge of the academic excellence of esteemed peer-reviewed academic journals. According to the FT50 list, the University of North Carolina at Kenan-Flagler is ranked first. This is for the volume of research articles written by its full-time faculty. Warrington came in second at The University of Florida. Alumni generally agreed that the Online MBA providers were the best at teaching general management, organizational behavior, and economics. They determined that the schools underperformed in the new fields of fintech and e-commerce.

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