6 Best Restaurants near the University of Pittsburgh

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Home to world-class academics, the University of Pittsburgh also proves to be the solution to all your cravings. When it comes to the culinary scene, the area surrounding the University is in for a treat. From classic vintage cafes to food trucks and trendy fine dining areas, you will find everything here. There are various restaurants to satisfy your palate.


If you are craving some amazing food, let’s uncover some best restaurants near the University of Pittsburgh

Best Restaurants near the University of Pittsburgh

Here are some top restaurants near the University of Pittsburgh where you can eat and make memories: 

The Original Hot Dog Shop 

Affectionately known as “The O,” the original hot dog shop has been in people’s hearts since 1960. Known for classic hot dogs, burgers and french fries served with craft beer they customise your hot dog for choices that make it the comfort food example. 

Contact- +1 412-621-7388

Pamela’s Diner 

A perfect spot for breakfast and brunch or lunch, known for its hotcakes which is a charming eatery of this restaurant will make your morning. From traditional to trendy pancakes, you will find everything here. The vintage vibes surrounding the restaurant make the place captivating. Their crispy bacon is a must-have with brewed coffee to complete your morning. 

Contact- +1 412-683-4066 

Union Grill Oakland 

A classic American restaurant located within walking distance of the University at 413 South Craig Street in Pittsburgh, is a place with a popular college crowd with lively spots. It is known for its juicy burgers and waffle-cut fries with side dishes to cater to various tastes, making it an ideal spot for a casual outing with friends. Loaded nachos by Union Grill Oakland are a must try along with a side cold beverage to complete your party evening. 

Contact- +1 412-681-8620 

Fuel and Fuddle 

Known for its bar, Fuel and Fuddle is a popular restaurant located near the University. This place has a cosy comfortable vibe making it an ideal place for college students to visit here. The menu offers a fusion of flavours from portions of pasta to pizza and salads to appetisers, this place delivers every kind of food for everyone whether vegetarian, non-vegetarian or vegan. This place has various options to cater for your taste. While enjoying your meal, their signature cocktail is a must-try to make your dining experience memorable.

Contact- +1 412-682-3473

Schezwan Express 

Craving Chinese cuisine? Schezwan Express will be the best choice to cater for your cravings. It serves authentic Chinese cuisine all day long and is located near the University. This place offers a wide range of dishes such as flavourful stir fries, noodles, spicy hot pots and more. Dan dan noodles and Kung Pao Chicken is a must-try for a perfectly satisfying meal. 

Contact- +1 412-687-8000

Oishii Bento

Looking for Japanese or Korean cuisine? Oishii Bento is a place to be. A cosy restaurant offering Japanese and Korean bentos and bowls alongside Sushi, tempura and more. The fresh ingredients used at an affordable price make it a must-go place for a perfect lunchtime. 

Contact- +1 412-687-3335

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Can outsiders visit the places near the University of Pittsburgh?

Yes, apart from students, locals and tourists are free to visit the place near the University of Pittsburgh and have a memorable time there.

What is the iconic food of Pittsburgh?

Primanti Sandwich is the iconic food of Pittsburg. No food list in Pittsburgh can be complete without mentioning this dish.

Who owns Fuel and Fuddle?

Brandon Smith is the owner of Fuel and Fuddle.

This was all about the best restaurants near the University of Pittsburgh. If you are planning to study abroad then reach out to  Leverage Edu and to make your study abroad journey hassle-free.

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