10 Best Restaurants Near University of Dayton

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If you are a student at the University of Dayton who is craving a scrumptious meal, you are in luck! The neighbourhood is surrounded by some flavoursome eating establishments. Have a look at the 10 best restaurants near University of Dayton and plan your visit. From cosy restaurants to casual bistros, this US neighbourhood has some of the best options for every palate. Familiarise yourself with some of the best eating joints near the University of Dayton and embark on a culinary adventure. 


In this blog, we have included the 10 best restaurants that offer domestic and international cuisines in convenient locations. Keep reading to know more!!

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10 Best Restaurants Near University of Dayton

This area in Ohio has classic and international delicacies to suit the taste buds of every individual. With an inviting atmosphere and delightful menu, each restaurant or cafe has a charm of its own. After trying the specials of each food joint, it might become your go-to favourite during your time at the University of Dayton. 


FUSIAN is a fast-casual sushi restaurant that provides fresh, locally sourced, and natural ingredients. The restaurant aims to make sushi more accessible by allowing guests to customize their orders, starting with a base of rice and offering a wide range of options, from raw, sustainably caught tuna to cold smoked salmon. In addition to traditional sushi ingredients, FUSIAN also offers unique choices such as tofu, brown rice, and roasted chicken, encouraging guests to reconsider their perception of sushi. 

Credit: fusian.com

Address: 1200 Brown St. 125, Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 0.16 km

ETA: 2 minutes walk

Pine Club

With some of the best stakes in town, Pine Club is heaven for red meat lovers. It is a 70-year-old restaurant near Dayton University that specialises in onion rings and 20-ounce bone-in rib eye. 

Credit: Dayton.com

Address: 1926 Brown St., Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 0.32 km

ETA: 4 minutes walk

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Zombie Dogz

A relatively new food joint in the neighbourhood, Zombie Dogz offers mouth-watering sandwiches. The two most popular sandwiches are the Germinator and Calling in Dead. The Germinator is a garlic-based sandwich offered with fried onions and local beer. Whereas, Calling in Dead is topped with Parmesan cheese-based garlic cracker crumbs. Another popular delicacy at this joint is tater tots.

Credit: Dayton Daily News

Address: 1200 Brown St., Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 2.40 km

ETA: 4 minutes drive

Submarine House

Established in 1973, Submarine House is home to Dayton University students for more than 5 decades. Students of many generations come here to enjoy East coast style steak subs laden with cheese. The joint also offers impressive appetizers like pretzel sticks, wings, chicken tenders, nachos, fries, and cheese stix. In addition, Submarine House has a special Teezer Basket that includes fried potato buds with a filling of jalapeno and cheddar cheese. 

Credit: The Business Journals

Address: 1105 Brown St., Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 0.16 km

ETA: 2 minutes walk

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Hickory Bar-B-Q

A paradise for barbeque lovers Hickory Bar-B-Q is famous for its barbecued ribs and chicken. The restaurant chefs roast meat in the open and add flavourful seasoning to chicken and ribs. Another must-try delicacy at this 1962 restaurant is cabbage rolls. This place also has food for seafood lovers as well. They can relish fried oysters and shrimp cocktails at this old-world eatery.

Credit: Dayton.com

Address: 1082 Brown St., Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 0.32 km

ETA: 4 minutes walk

Ginger and Spice

Heaven for Asian and Chinese food lovers, Ginger and Spice offers flavourful and fresh pan-Asian cuisine. Some of the most relished dishes of this restaurant are curated by Anne Tsao, the founder of another famous Asian eating joint- Tsao Cuisine. Must-try recipes by Anne Tsao are pork belly coupled with king oyster mushroom, wontons dipped in a spicy and sweet sauce, and hand-wrapped pan-seared pot stickers. 

Credit: Another Food Critic

Address: 1105 Brown St., Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 0.32 km

ETA: 4 minutes walk

Dewey’s Pizza

Paradise for Italian cuisine lovers, Dewey’s has a variety of pizzas to choose from. In addition to pizzas, this casual joint also offers amazing salads. Some of the most popular ones are the House made with toasted pine nuts, goat cheese, field greens, balsamic vinegar, and dried cranberries; the Peppercorn Ranch comprising red onions, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, peppercorn ranch dressing, bacon, and shaved parmesan; and the Candied Walnut and Grape consisting gorgonzola, field greens, red grapes, citrus basil vinegar, and candied walnuts.  

Credit: Dewey’s Pizza

Address: 131 Jasper St, Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 0.16 km

ETA: 2 minutes walk


It is an innovative restaurant concept that is revolutionizing its industry by offering a burger experience that combines the high-quality product, service, and ambience typically associated with sit-down casual dining with the speed and convenience of quick-service restaurants. Their menu features handcrafted items, including made-to-order burgers that are smashed on the grill, delicious Haagen-Dazs milkshakes spun by hand, chicken sandwiches, salads, and sides, all prepared with fresh and premium ingredients. 

Credit: Road Tips

Address: 1200 Brown St Ste 190, Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 338 ft

ETA: 1-minute walk

Jimmie’s Ladder 11

Founded by Sue and Jimmy Brandell, Ladder 11 has become a popular hangout joint for Dayton University students since many decades. It is a go-to place for lunch, owing to its lavish spread of pizzas, pasta, salads, burgers, appetizers, sandwiches, calzones, and steaks. Some of the most preferred dishes include the Ladder 11 and the Shrimp Po’Boy. Students can also try ‘Blind Dates’ from the appetizer menu to taste some specials from the chefs of Jimmy’s. 

Credit: Another Food Critic

Address: 936 Brown St., Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 0.50 km

ETA: 8 minutes

Butter Cafe

A breakfast place near University of Dayton, Butter Cafe is known for its eggs and veggies. In addition to breakfast, people also visit this restaurant for an amazing brunch spread including dishes made from eggs, vegetables, and meat.  With numerous vegetable salads on its menu, this place is an ideal eatery for vegetarians and vegans. 

Credit: Jimmie’s Ladder 11

Address: 1106 Brown St, Dayton

Distance from the University of Dayton: 0.50 km

ETA: 8 minutes walk

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Which is the best Chinese restaurant near Dayton University?

Chinese food lovers can check out Ginger and Spice during their stay at or near the University of Dayton.

Which are best restaurants near University of Dayton?

Some of the finest restaurants for students are Jimmie’s Ladder 11, Ginger and Spice, FUSIAN, and The Pine Club.

Is there a vegan restaurant near the University of Dayton?

Butter Cafe has a massive spread for vegans in the neighbourhood. 

Hope now you know all about the Best Restaurants Near University of Dayton. Explore study abroad opportunities with Leverage Edu. Connect us at 1800 572 000 for a free 30-minute counselling session. 

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