Best Restaurants Near Pace University

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Best Restaurants Near Pace University

Most students that enrol at Pace University in New York City would agree that it is one of their best decisions. The people in your life would all want you to be their personal tour guide of the area because you live downtown and there are tonnes of hot locations there that they all want to visit. While you’re at it, consider taking your visitors to one of these eateries close to campus to make their visit even more memorable.


For all the foodies out there in New York, read through the complete article to know all the best restaurants near Pace University.

List of Best Restaurants Near Pace University

Given below is the list of the best restaurants near Pace University:

Nobu Downtown – Restaurant

Source: OpenTable

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The Nobu Downtown restaurant, created by renowned New York City architect David Rockwell, is situated in the Financial District of Manhattan. Visitors can eat at either the Bar & Lounge or the Broadway dining room on the ground floor, both of which are encircled by 30-foot heroic marble columns.  A sushi bar and private dining options are available in our subterranean dining area, which has a cosy atmosphere. Enjoy sushi, traditional Japanese favourites, and Chef Nobu’s renowned trademark dishes including Rock Shrimp Tempura and Black Cod Miso.

RESERVATION GUIDE: Choose “Regular” to reserve one of the two indoor dining rooms, “Bar” to reserve a comfortable lounge chair and “Counter” to reserve a seat at the sushi bar. 

The Odeon – Restaurant

Source: On the Scene 

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The Odeon accepts bookings for both indoor and outdoor eating for parties of up to six people. Walk-Ins are accepted. The Outdoor Cafe has heaters, waterproof awnings, and umbrellas. We are unable to keep your reservation after it has been made due to demand. We will offer the table to waiting guests if you are unable to be there when your reservation is made.

La Pizza & La Pasta – Eataly NYC Downtown

Source: OpenTable

La Pizza & La Pasta serves excellent, artisanal pasta imported directly from Gragnano, Campania, as well as pizza prepared in the style of Naples from Rossopomodoro. Just a few feet away from our talented pizzaiolo (pizza makers) & pasta cooks, enjoy our seasonal cuisine! La Pizza & La Pasta, the most spacious restaurant at Eataly NYC Downtown, is known for its floor-to-ceiling windows which look out over lower Manhattan. Make a reservation to enjoy a meal there.

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Chambers – Restaurant 

Source: OpenTable

Whether you’re coming from across the street in Tribeca or from the other side of the globe, Chambers wants to be at the top of the list of preferred local eateries. While you peruse the menu, start with a fantastic beverage, whether alcoholic or not, and perhaps some appetisers. There is also an amazing collection of soulful wines, spirits, and alcoholic drinks. Make a reservation, or otherwise take a seat at the bar or communal table and you might even meet some new people that might help you socialise a bit.

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Recreation Bar

Recreation serves as the neighbourhood’s ultimate living room by operating as a shared co-working area during the day and a lunch venue at night. Recreation, which takes its cue from the rec room at your neighbour’s house, has a half-court-sized basketball court, a retro arcade system with games like Ms Pacman, Centipede, Donkey Kong, Jenga, and is equipped with a Jenga set.

Source: OpenTable

Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill – Financial District

They provide Japanese seafood, hot dishes, and the famous fried chicken in a posh setting in Maiden Lane & William Street, across the Federal Reserve. The menu includes traditional Japanese Sushi and Sashimi, as well as Japanese A5 Wagyu, Grilled Skirt Steak, Steamed Lobster, Oxtail Fried Rice, and the very famous Blue R.They also have a unique beverage menu that includes imported Japanese beers, mixed drinks, sake, shochu, and other beverages.

Source: OpenTable

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Temple Court

Temple Court is at a very short distance from The Beekman’s, another very famous restaurant of Tom Colicchio, the owner of Temple Court and The Beekman. The dining room of Temple Court, which is encircled by several stained-glass windows and is brimming with old-world beauty, is a popular spot for gourmet diners. The Executive Chef of Temple Court Travis Sowards has made an amazing menu for Temple Court which is very famous in New York City. The dishes have the most famous flavour characteristics of Chef Tom Colicchio.

Source: OpenTable

Gran Morsi

Gran Morsi, the name is derived from an Italian word meaning bites. Small and shared portions, many of which are prepared in the brick oven, are a big feature of the Italian cuisine served at this bright and friendly Tribeca restaurant. Gran Morsi offers diners in midtown Manhattan a dining experience suitable for any occasion, whether it be a formal event, a romantic date, or a laid-back night out with friends. 

Source: NY Restaurants Guide


Does Pace University have good food?

Pace has excellent meals. Numerous options from other cultures are available, many of which are healthful. Everyone begins with a food plan, and the majority of people exhaust it quite quickly. The meal plan’s money can be carried over from the autumn to the spring, but not the other way around.

Does Pace University have a dining hall?

Pace University Dining Services provides students, faculty, staff, and administrators with a variety of convenient locations and healthful dining options. A food plan is a requirement for all full-time undergraduate and resident graduate students.

What stands out as the best feature of Pace University?

One of the most extensive internship programmes is offered by Pace University, which serves the greater New York City area.

Hope this blog gave you all the necessary information regarding the Best Restaurants near Pace University. For more such information, visit us at Leverage Edu.

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