Top Hangout Spots Near Lund University

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Lund, widely regarded as Sweden’s oldest town, is located in the region of Scania and is linked to Copenhagen by the Oresund Bridge. The bridge passes through Malmo, from where you can take the fastest train to Lund, which roughly takes around 13 minutes.


This city in southern Sweden has a population of 91,940 people. Lund has an almost illustrious history lasting over a thousand years.

This mediaeval town is filled with stunning Romanesque and Gothic architecture, rich historical landmarks, and awe-inspiring attractions that have endured the test of time. Lund University is one of Europe’s most prestigious and prestigious academic institutions, and it has given the town the distinction of being one of the most popular educational destinations. Here are some of the top hangout spots near Lund University. 

Kulturen in Lund – Museum of Cultural History and Open-Air Museum

Kulturen is a non-profit organisation that manages a variety of museums and open-air museums in Skane, Sweden’s southernmost county. The majority of the activities take place at Kulturen in Lund, which is a two-block area in central Lund filled with ancient buildings and lovely gardens. Step into the homes to experience life in the city and on the farm from the Middle Ages to the 1930s. There are also twenty exhibitions to pick from, ranging from folk art to modern design, mediaeval history to the present, and local culture to world culture. There is always activity at Kulturen in Lund. The Museum of Life (Livets Museum) in Helsingborg, is about how the human body functions whereas the Museum of Medical History in Helsingborg, is about how people’s perceptions of health and illness have changed over time. Kulturen performs educational and scientific initiatives in the realm of cultural history as a whole.

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Lund Cathedral

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This is one of the top hangout spots near Lund University. Lund Cathedral, Sweden’s most visited church, attracts over 700,000 visitors each year. People of all ages and backgrounds are drawn here for several reasons. Aside from people attending services or seeking spiritual refreshment, there are numerous tourist groups from various nations, school courses, and visiting parties from other churches and congregations. Lund Cathedral was dedicated in 1145 and has several well-known artefacts and features of historical significance.

Vattenhallen Science Center 

Source: LTH

If you’re looking for top hangout spots near Lund University, you cannot miss Vattenhallen Science Centre. On weekdays, the Vattenhallen Science Centre is open for school students and other groups to try out various projects with a focus on science and engineering. You can get inside a big soap bubble, attempt artificial intelligence, or shoot protons and tickle electrons in the experiment hall. The youngest visitors will enjoy the children’s room. A space where emotion and play foster curiosity and learning. Vattenhallen is open to the public on weekends and during school holidays. There are shows, and guests may also conduct experiments and test various construction kits.

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Lunds Allhelgonakyrkan

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The All Saints Church’s 72-meter-high tower spire, along with Lund Cathedral’s two towers, form a well-known silhouette visible from the Skne plain. Helgo Zettervall designed the church, which has roughly 1,200 seats and is built in Neo-Gothic style. Bishop W Flensburg lay the foundation stone in 1887, and the church was dedicated on All Saints Day 1891. It has served as the parish church for the Lund All Saints Assembly since 1962.

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The Hökeriet deserves a place in our top hangout spots at Lund University. Shop at Hökeriet (old retail shop) at S:t Annegatan 9, just around the corner from Kulturen in Lund, like people did during the turn of the twentieth century. You may buy vintage items here and observe the old packaging on the shelf. In the last huckster’s office, there is a tiny cafeteria. Hökeriet’s superb collection of ancient packaging on the shelves is well worth seeing. The term “huckster” is derived from the German word “höker,” which means “retail dealer.” The term has been in use in Sweden since the early 1600s. People who couldn’t afford to go grocery shopping came to Hökeriet to buy a loaf of bread or a cooked meal, and it was here that the farmers drank their beer afterwards.


What is the most visible landmark in Lund?

The Lund Cathedral is undoubtedly the most visible landmark you can find in Lund. 

Is Lund a walkable city?

If you love to walk, central Lund is an extremely pedestrian-friendly area. You can explore numerous locations by walking. 

Is Lund cheaper than Stockholm?

Yes, Lund is cheaper than Stockholm. 

This is everything you need to know about the best hangout spots near Lund University. Make sure you follow us for more information. Don’t forget to contact the study abroad experts at Leverage Edu for your higher education journey. 

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