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In today’s world, we always tend to get attracted towards visually appealing things. Capitalizing on this small human nature many brands try and work on improving their product design, marketing, advertisement design, etc. Graphic Designing plays an essential role in marketing as it’s often front-end work and small tweaking of a design can make impactful differences to a brand’s image. As we are living in a digital age the demand for graphic designers has also skyrocketed and as the title suggests today’s blog is everything related to graphic design courses Melbourne, so grab a snack and keep reading.


Why Study Graphic Designing Courses in Melbourne?

Studying in Melbourne can be a mesmerizing experience as it’s a thriving city with a vibrant arts and culture scene that promotes creativity. As most of Australia’s Universities rank on top of the QS World Ranking this is also a dream study abroad destination for many aspiring students. Here are some of the key benefits of studying graphic design courses in Melbourne:

  • You will learn the fundamentals and techniques of graphic design, such as color theory, image editing, vector graphics, animation, etc
  • Even if you are from a different educational background, enrolling yourself in a graphic designing course can serve you as an extra skill, help you future-proof your career 
  • You will learn about industry-standard software and tools, such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and After Effects
  • Obtaining a skill like graphic design can help find you find your next employer easily and you can also belong to the working class in a robust city like Melbourne

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Top Graphic Designing Courses in Melbourne

Here are some of the best graphic design courses Melbourne:

Course Duration Average Fees
Bachelor of Design Arts (BDA)Full Time (24 Months)AUD 44,000 (INR 23.6 Lakh)
Bachelor of Design Full Time (36 Months)AUD 43,000 (INR 23 Lakh)
Bachelor of Graphic and Digital Design Full Time (24 Months)AUD 37,000 (INR 19.9  Lakh)
Diploma of Graphic and Digital Design3 TrimestersAUD 37,000 (INR 19.9 Lakh)
Associate Degree in Graphic DesignFull Time (24 Months)AUD 32,000 (INR 17 Lakh)
Diploma of Design (Visual Communication)Full Time (8 Months)AUD 24,000 (INR 12.9  Lakh)
Diploma of Graphic DesignFull Time (12 Months)AUD 19,000 (INR 10 Lakh)
Advanced Diploma in Graphic DesignOnline/ Distance LearningAUD 10,000 (INR 5.3 Lakh)

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Top Universities for Graphic Design Courses Melbourne

Here is a list of top Universities in Melbourne offering specialized courses in graphic design, have a look at them below:

          Universities QS World Ranking
Victorian College of Arts#701-750
Monash University Melbourne#57
University of Melbourne#33
Swinburne University of Technology#296
RMIT University#190
Collarts (Australian College of the Arts)
Melbourne Polytechnic
Torrens University Australia 

Eligibility Criteria 

To enroll yourself in any graphic designing course in Melbourne you need to meet basic eligibility criteria, have a look at them below:

  • For certificate or diploma courses, you will need a 10+2 passing certificate
  • You need to have relevant work experience or a portfolio that showcases your prior work. (This is only necessary in some Universities)
  • You must have a minimum aggregate score of 50% 
  • You also need to prove your English proficiency by qualifying for exams like IELTS, and TOEFL. To prepare for your English Proficiency test you can check Leverage Live or Leverage IELTS.

Documents Required

Here are a few necessary documents that will come in handy while applying for graphic design course Melbourne:

Application Process for Graphic Design Courses Melbourne

Here is a simple and straight-forward guide on how to apply for graphic design courses Melbourne:

  • Step 1– Research and compare different graphic design courses and choose the University that suits your goals, budget, and schedule.
  • Step 2– Head over to the official website of the University and search for applying online process for your desired graphic design course.
  • Step 3– Prepare your application documents, such as academic transcripts, resume, portfolio, personal statement, etc.
  • Step 4– Submit your application online or by mail before the deadline. Some Universities may charge an application fee.
  • Step 5– Wait for the outcome of your application. You may be contacted for an interview or asked to provide additional information.
  • Step 6– If you are accepted, you will receive an offer letter from the provider. You will need to accept the offer and pay the tuition fee deposit to secure your place.
  • Step 7– Now you need to apply for an Australian Student Visa and plan your study abroad journey.

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Job Prospect

Here are a few job profiles with their average salary that are related to graphic designing:

        Job Profile      Average Salary
IllustratorAUD 34,000 (INR 18 lakh per annum)
Art DirectorAUD 1.1 Lakh (INR 59 per annum)
Graphic DesignerAUD 70,000 (INR 37.7 Lakh per annum)
Web Designer AUD 92,000 (INR 49 Lakh per annum)
Film EditorAUD 64,000 (INR 34 Lakh per annum)


Is it necessary to have a portfolio to apply for a graphic design course?

It depends on the level of the course and the University that is providing the course. Some courses may require you to submit a portfolio of your previous work or projects to demonstrate your skills and potential. Others may not require a portfolio, but it can still be helpful to have one to showcase your abilities and interests

What are the career growth prospects for graphic design graduates?

Graphic Designing is one of the most demanded and essential skills across various industries and sectors. According to Job Outlook, job growth for graphic designers was 10.9% from 2019 to 2023. Graphic design graduates can find employment opportunities in agencies, companies, or as freelancers, working on projects such as branding, advertising, etc.

Is coding required for graphic designing?

The short answer is no, an individual can pursue a graphic design course without having a background knowledge of coding but a few courses of graphic design require a basic knowledge of coding and languages like Python, C++, etc.

This was everything related to Best Graphic Design Courses Melbourne 2023. If you are planning to study abroad you can reach us at 1800 57 2000 and contact our Leverage Edu experts. Additionally, you can also connect with us through our socials like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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