Study Abroad in UK: Santander Universities Launched New Flagship Programme Designed to Help Students in Higher Education

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Santander UK invites 100 universities to join a university scholarship programme. It was stated by the Santander UK Chairman William Vereker to provide full support on educational journeys and help you build skills for the future. 

Santander UK has launched a selection of 100 students for the Santander Universities Scholar Programme. As this is the new flagship programme that is designed to help students in higher education under the represented groups. Basically, each scholar is awarded Euro 30,000 over 3 academic years. Also, they were provided access to opportunities for growth and training, additionally a dedicated mentor by the multi-million-pound programme. 

Moreover, as stated by Santander UK Chairman William Vereker, this new venture is a key component of Santander’s education and skills programme. It will be unveiled in November 2022. We are excited and thrilled to share to provide full support on your educational journey and also help you to build skills for the future.

Study Abroad in UK: Santander Universities Launched New Flagship Programme Designed to Help Students in Higher Education

At Santander University it is believed that education unblocks potential levels, broadens aspirations and should be accessible to everyone. Furthermore, this new scholarship programme is a belief and demonstrates a commitment. Basically, it to break down educational barriers, broaden career opportunities, improve social mobility and deliver impactful change. This is to build a better future for all. 

Furthermore, this scheme is to remove barriers for students who have major or minor difficulties while entering higher education. Also, to support students in gaining access to educational opportunities and also skills required to reach their full potential. Basically, the scholars were chosen from over 3,500 applicants. All of them identify with the office for students’ list of underrepresented groups. 

Over the last 25 years, Santander Universities has been the bank’s global flagship corporate social responsibility. With over Euro 2 bn in support of the higher education sector. Santander has given over Euro 10 mn to sponsor employment, education, and entrepreneurship projects allowing more businesses and students to thrive.

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