ACT Score for Harvard: Score Requirements, ACT Score Sending, and More 

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ACT Score for Harvard University

Many study abroad aspirants dream of getting into Harvard University. The stated institute, however, is exceedingly selective in its admissions, with an acceptance rate of just 3-4%. You must meet specific criteria in order to enroll in the university’s premium courses. You can put in your ACT scores for admission purposes considering the university accepts them. The average ACT score required for admission to Harvard University is 34-36. Individuals who score in this range have a better probability of being accepted into their preferred courses at the university. That being said, read the article to know more about ACT scores for Harvard. 

Name of the University Harvard University 
ACT Requirement Composite of 34-36
Rank # 4 in QS World Ranking 2024
Acceptance Rate 3-4%
Minimum GPA 4.18

Harvard ACT Requirements 2023

The average ACT score at Harvard is 34. This score is not an easy one to achieve. Therefore, you must prepare well for the exam prior to attempting the test.  Students must aim at scoring above the average score. This is due to the fact that scores lower than the average ACT score can place students in a below-average percentile range, which can in turn lower the chances of getting admitted into the university. For Instance, an ACT score of 33 will place you on a weak percentile range of 25, whereas a score of 35 will rank you up on the 75th percentile scale. A slight difference of 3 points in the ACT exam can have a huge impact on your overall percentile. 

What is the ACT Score Sending Policy? 

If you opt to send your ACT results to Harvard instead of the SAT, you’re in for a ride! This is because Harvard offers various advantages to ACT test takers. Harvard’s ACT score submitting policy gives students complete flexibility and autonomy over the test scores they send. For example, you can send your top ACT test score out of the ten you’ve taken. This feature gives you the freedom to choose your best test scores for submission. It even provides you with a sufficient window for improvement. Students are consequently advised to take the ACT test as many times as possible, improving with each try. Finally, students can submit their greatest outcomes. 

How to Send ACT Scores to Harvard University? 

You can send your ACT scores online to Harvard. Apart from that, you can opt for the other way, i.e., you can enlist Harvard as the official recipient of your ACT test scores. You can use the code ‘1840’ to send in your ACT test scores. Those who wish to send their ACT scores online must refer to the following steps. 

  1. Visit the official website of ACT and log into your registered MyACT account to view your ACT scores. 
  2. You send your ACT scores to Harvard University via your ACT account. 
  3. You can send your ACT scores to four universities or colleges during the application procedure. There is no additional fee for sending ACT scores during this phase. However, when you tend to send your ACT scores after receiving the score reports, you’ll be charged an additional fee of $16. 
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1. What is the minimum ACT score required for admission to Harvard University? 

Harvard University enrol students with an ACT score of 34-36. 

2. What is the acceptance rate for admission to Harvard University? 

The acceptance rate at Harvard University is 3-4%. Due to such a low acceptance rate, it is very competitive for students to get admitted to the university. 

3. What is the minimum GPA required for admission to Harvard University? 

4.18 is the minimum GPA required for admission to Harvard University. 

It can be very competitive for students to get admission into Harvard Admission. ACT test-takers can send their scores to the university for admission purposes. The average ACT score required for admission into the university is 34-36. 

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