Duolingo Exam Syllabus 2023: Overview & Subject-Wise Syllabus 

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Duolingo Exam Syllabus

The Duolingo English Test Exam Syllabus is designed to evaluate an individual’s proficiency in the English language. This online English proficiency test is widely accepted across most of the major universities and colleges abroad. Therefore, individuals who wish to study abroad can definitely take the exam. 


The syllabus of the exam is specifically aimed at analyzing the English Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening skills of non-native English speakers. The DET syllabus is more convenient to follow in comparison to the broader, more comprehensive syllabus for IELTS and TOEFL exams. With that being said, read the article to learn more about the Duolingo Exam Syllabus. 

Name of ExamDuolingo English Test
Exam Fee$59
Number of Attempts3 (within a month) 
Duration 1 Hour 

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Duolingo Exam Syllabus Overview

One of the main reasons students today choose to take the Duolingo English Test is due to its simple and straightforward exam syllabus. The syllabus is simple to follow and prepare for. 

The DET syllabus is designed to assess your command of the English language as well as your ability to answer difficult questions. 

Your overall performance in the DET exam is discerned by the AI algorithm of the test that evaluates your scores based on certain criteria. These criteria, or ‘sub-scores’ in the context of the DET exam, reflect your ability to naturally use the language. You can work on these aspects to improve your overall grasp of the English language. The Duolingo Exam Syllabus evaluates your overall performance on the basis of the following sub-scores: 

ProductionThis section of the exam requires individuals to convey their feelings and ideas eloquently through writing and speaking. 
LiteracyThis section evaluates your reading and writing skills in the English language. 
ConversationThis section analyzes your prowess in English listening and speaking. 
ComprehensionThis section evaluates your proficiency in English reading and listening skills. 

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Duolingo Exam Subject-Wise Exam Syllabus 

The Duolingo English Test syllabus is divided into two major sections, namely the Adaptive test section and the Writing/Speaking Section. 

Duolingo Exam Syllabus for Adaptive Test

There is no set syllabus for the Adaptive section. However, there are certain types of questions that are frequently asked in the Adaptive Section of the DET exam. Refer to the following table to go through the types of questions asked in the DET Adaptive section. 

Question TypeDuration Sub-ScoreFrequency Detail 
Read and complete3 Minutes Literacy and Comprehension6 times on averageComplete the missing letters in the given text. 
Listen and speak30 Sec- 1 MinuteConversation and Production2 times on averageSpeaking on the given topic/audio. 
Listen and select1.5 MinutesComprehension and Conversation6 times on averageSelect the correct English words from the list after listening to the given audio clip.
Read aloud20 SecondsComprehension and Conversation6 times on averageStudents are required to record themselves reading out loud. 
Write about the photo1- Minute Production and Literacy3 times on average Describe the image through your writing. 
Speak about the photo30 Sec-1 Minute Production and Conversation1 time on average Describe and speak about the given image. 

Duolingo Exam Syllabus for Writing and Speaking

This section lasts for 10 minutes. In this section, students are required to show their proficiency in English writing and speaking. This section requires you to describe an image, situation, or topic for some time. You will be given three to four minutes to complete the video-speaking task and five minutes for the writing task. 


1. What is the passing score for Duolingo?

110 out of 160 is deemed to be a decent score on the Duolingo English Test. Anything above 120 in the DET exam will consolidate your chances of getting admission into some of the most prominent universities abroad. 

2. Is a passport required for Duolingo?

Yes, a passport is required for you to take the Duolingo English Test. A valid passport will ensure that your candidature is successfully verified and identified by authorities. 

3. Who is eligible for the Duolingo exam?

There are no set eligibility criteria for taking the DET exam. Anyone can take the exam, irrespective of age, country, academic qualification, etc. 

The Duolingo English Test is one of the most widely accepted English proficiency tests in the world. The DET syllabus is divided into two primary sections, i.e., the adaptive test and the writing/speaking section. The syllabus of the exam is designed to evaluate an individual’s overall understanding of the English language. 

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