Study Abroad In France: Why is this Study Destination highly recommended?

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France as a study destination has been ranked among the top 10 countries for international students by 9 out of 10 students studying there.

France has been noted as one of the safest places for international students. This is not only for the ease of acquiring a study visa for France. 9 out of 10 students interviewed have talked about the ease of life in France. They also said that France is greatly recommended as a study destination for international students. A study by Campus France in collaboration with Kantar Public Institute has confirmed this data. The data collected further confirmed that the French economy largely depended on international students.


Economic Health As A Study Destination

The French economy largely depends on the expenditure of international students who choose France as their study destination. The study shows that a French student spends roughly €867 a month. That rounds up to nearly €5 Billion annually towards the French economy. The majority of the inhabitants are international students. Thus, they pay nearly €2,822 in tuition fees when they take France as a study destination. At the same time, these students also expend nearly €1,692 annually on transportation in rail, road or airways. 58% of international students take french language classes after reaching their Universities. These students expend nearly €1,632 annually on average at these institutions. This entire economic impact of the French international students was studied based on 10,000 students.

International Students Supporting Themselves In France

While international students choose France as their study destination, the living costs are quite high. The educational costs get covered by scholarships. Thus, the students end up working part-time jobs to retain their degrees and their living expenses. The study further showed that 20% of the students worked more than a single job. The students who received family support were easily running their expenses. Others quoted four dependable sources.

  • 48% quoted their personal savings.
  • 46% quoted their CAF aids.
  • 34% quoted their funds from paid activities and day jobs.
  • 18% quoted their funds from scholarships lent by the Government.

Thus, there are a lot of expenditures for international students choosing France as their study destination. However, the supporting finances allow them to survive well in the country. The only driving reason is the great academic credits and the quality of education in France.

Study Destination

Thus, international students can look forward to France for studying abroad. Scholarships are always available although sometimes based on merit. The expenses can be well managed with part-time jobs that the Government hugely supports.

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