Study in USA: Shippensburg University to Host International Student Leaders Program on Environmental Issues

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Shippensburg University will host 60 Undergraduate International students for student Leaders Program on Environmental Issues.

Shippensburg University has been chosen to host international undergraduate students participating in the U.S. Department of State’s Study of the U.S. Institutes (SUSI) for Student Leaders program. It is the second consecutive year that Shippensburg University is selected as the host institution.


This year, Shippensburg University will join forces with Michigan State University and Arizona State University to form a consortium organized by the Meridian International Center. The consortium will host a total of 60 undergraduate students.

The program at Shippensburg University will focus on Environmental Issues, with a cohort of 20 participants engaging in a four-week academic residency. They will explore climate change through various lenses, such as watersheds, food systems, and energy and environmental policy.

Dr Lonce Bailey, professor of political science, and Dr Claire Jantz, professor of geography and earth science, will collaborate to deliver the program. Furthermore, they aim to foster conversations and exchange ideas with the SUSI European Student Leaders. Moreover, this will enable them to develop implementable solutions for their home communities.

Study in USA: Shippensburg University to Host International Student Leaders Program on Environmental Issues

The Program on Environmental Issues

According to Jantz, “The core of the CLUS mission is to foster healthy, vibrant, and sustainable communities and a key value that we practice is collaboration. We are excited to host this Environment Issues Institute and look forward to exchanging ideas with the SUSI European Student Leaders. 

Dr Bailey coordinated last year’s program and is excited to host a new group of international students. “Hosting these institutes allows us to offer opportunities to our faculty and students to work with international audiences. We also hope to leverage these early program successes to further expand our work with international audiences” says Bailey.

The program will begin on June 24 and the U.S. Department of State is sponsoring it, The U.S. Government is funding the program and the Meridian International Center is implementing it.

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