4 Pro Tips to Ace the PTE Reading Multiple Choice Questions

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4 Pro Tips to Ace the PTE Reading Multiple Choice Questions

Pearson Test of English Academic (PTE-A), an English language test is taken by aspirants who are willing to join colleges or universities abroad. Candidates willing to work abroad can also take up this test. It is a computer-based test that is conducted for two hours and comprises three stages, i.e. reading, speaking and writing and listening skills. In this article, we will tell you 4 pro tips for solving the PTE Reading Multiple Choice questions.


Let’s First Look at the Basics

Number of questions2-3
ScoringPartial Credit Scoring 
Negative MarkingThere is no overall negative marking 
Time to answerNo fixed time for one question. Manage your time for the overall Reading section.

PTE Reading Section Tips

There are four types of questions that are asked in the PTE Reading Section. They include Multiple-choice questions – choose single answers, Multiple-choice questions – choose multiple answers, fill in the blanks and re-order paragraphs. Some tried and tested tips to ace this section are given below:

Multiple-choice, Choose Single Answer

  1. Focus on the frequency of the questions such as often, always, never, and all, and you can eliminate those words from the options to get the correct answer. 
  2. As there is no negative marking for this section you are advised to attempt all questions and don’t leave them blank. 
  3. At least 60% of the answers can be found in the first or the last lines of the passage. 

Multiple-choice, Choose Multiple Answers 

  1. As this part of the section carries negative markings, choose your answer wisely. If you are not sure then do not attempt the question.

Fill in the Blanks 

  1. Attempt all the questions from this part as there is no negative marking. 
  2. Often, the missing words will have a synonym in the passage provided. 

Re-order Paragraphs 

  1. Look for independent sentences, sentences that do not depend on any other sentence will be your leading sentence. 
  2. Look for connecting words such as “because” and “however”. This will help you to reorder your paragraph. 

Often students prepare by either joining a coaching centre or simply practising the tests provided online. All such exams generally have a methodology which should be followed and taken care of.

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Mistakes Students Make During PTE Reading Test

Many students do not practice the reading test as they think that reading a passage and answering the questions based on the same is a piece of cake. But this is not the case. Following are some mistakes students make in the PTE Reading Test.

Reading the Passage Twice

Generally, students just read the passage and answer the questions whichever suits them best. But by following this method there are chances that you select the wrong answer. Always read the passage and then comprehend the answers. 

Not building your Vocabulary 

Not knowing the meaning of many important words may actually lead to scoring fewer marks. Read novels and look up words which you don’t know the meaning of. By doing this you will get a better understanding of the passage. 

Time Management is Crucial

Do not invest all your time in reading the passage. You will have to read it again while answering the questions. So, it is recommended to keep an eye on the clock. 

The Reading section of this exam is crucial for scoring good grades. Read on further to have a better understanding as we have talked about the tips and strategies to ace the exam. 

4 Tips To Ace PTE Reading Multiple Choice Questions

While the PTE Reading Multiple Choice questions is one of the main tasks of the reading section. You will be given a passage with a length of up to 300 words. Based on that, multiple-choice questions will be provided. To get the correct answer, you need to build up your reading skills and comprehend the passage in the given time. Follow these 4 tips to ace the reading section. 

Understand the Question First

Read the question twice as this will help you have a better understanding of what information you are searching for from the text given. It is a specific detail or just an understanding of the opinion which is given in the paragraph. 

Skim the Paragraph Accordingly

Note down the keywords while analysing the questions and their options. Make sure that you go through the text thoroughly and pay attention to the keywords. Scan through the passage and look for specific details which are asked in the question. 

Make use of the Elimination Strategy 

It is easier to find the final answer by removing the irrelevant sentences from the passage. Don’t be in a hurry to select the first option which looks right to you. Go through all the options and choose your answer wisely. 

Time Management is the Key

Make sure that you do not devote more than 2 minutes to these types of questions as this is just a section of the whole exam. Make quick and correct decisions while answering the multiple-choice questions. 

Apart from these tips, a bonus tip is that you should always double-check your answers for errors and corrections before submitting. It will help you from losing marks for even small mistakes such as spelling and grammatical errors which are often missed out.

Practice reading at a fast pace since the exam can be competitive and has to be finished in a fixed time period. 

As the PTE exam tests your English Language skills, it requires thorough preparation. If you keep following the right tips and tricks by following the simple steps discussed in the previous section, you can do well in this type of question. Although the task is simple and straightforward, it will take time to get familiar with such tips. We will always recommend you practice some papers and mainly focus on the parts which need improvisation. 


How do you pass the reading section in the PTE test?

For the reading section, understand the main message given in the passage and try to focus on the keywords to find accurate answers.

Can I fail in PTE?

Yes, you can fail in PTE by not having proper knowledge about the structure of the paper and eventually, you will score very less in the examination. 
You can check our article on how to get 79+ score in PTE.

What all things are allowed to be carried in the PTE exam?

Other than your passport, you are not allowed to carry anything else in the PTE examination test room.


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