Study abroad in Estonia: 22.4 Million Euro have been contributed to the Estonian tax economy by international students 

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Study abroad in Estonia
A few days ago, the Estonian Education and Youth Board conducted an analysis known as Statistics Estonia and came to the conclusion that international students contributed a total of EUR 22.4 million to the Estonian economy as per the tax.

During the academic year of 2021-2022, international students have contributed more than EUR 14 million to Study abroad in Estonia. The international students who have graduated from Estonian universities and decided to stay for job purposes paid more than EUR 8 million as Estonian tax at the same time. 


For the last couple of years, the number of international students who come to Estonia and pursue higher education has increased. Not to mention, many international students are choosing to stay in Estonia after completing their work. Most graduates choose employment in Tallinn. 

[Source: Statistics Estonia]

Kadri Rootalu, a data scientist at Statistics who conducted the survey, stated that more than 50% of the international students completed their paid work in Estonia for at least a day during the academic year. Due to the fact that both international and local students have found jobs, they have undoubtedly boosted the overall Estonian tax economy. 

What was the verdict of the analysis regarding the Estonian tax?

Study abroad in Estonia is getting popular among the international students. On the other hand, the analytics also provides different pieces of useful information on the tax contributions of international students. In the 2022 academic year, the overall economy of Estonia has increased a lot, thanks to the boost in Estonian tax. 

Most international students from all over the world complete paid work during their time on studying at different Estonian universities. Students are also completing their higher studies in different platforms such as engineering, ICT, manufacturing, administration, business, and law. For instance, more than 30% of international students chose paid jobs so that they can support their higher education financially. 

Additionally, the study also paid close attention to the overall tax contributions made by international students, who have graduated from their related fields from the Estonian university. The results showcased that a specific percentage of international students live and work in Estonia. It also stated that most international students who work in Estonia choose Tallinn-based companies. 

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