Study in US: International Students Preferring to Attend Community College

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Study in US: International Students Preferring to Attend Community College
In 2022, a community college will be attended by 20% of all international students studying in the United States, breaking a long-held taboo.

Community colleges have fewer strict English language requirements than traditional four-year schools or universities. Also, they make it simpler to transfer to four-year programmes on top of being less expensive. Traditional four-year programmes still lack the ability to teach skills that are directly transferable to a variety of professions. That is why career colleges and community colleges fill this gap. This makes it possible for overseas students to move from education to a career more rapidly. Also, simplifies the immigration process.


Despite increases in application and enrollment rates, international students continue to have difficulty understanding U.S. community college admissions procedures. Traditional universities and colleges have sections that assist prospective overseas students with enrolment. While community and professional colleges are catching up, these resources are still limited, and newly established offices are still learning. Especially on how to recognise these students’ requirements and formulate policies accordingly.

Study in US: International Students Preferring to Attend Community College

How do International Students Meet the Requirements for Admission to Community and Professional Colleges? 

The solution is simple for candidates from the US. You require a GED or a high school diploma. Since these applicants are still enrolled in the same school system as when they were children, it is simple. The solution is not that straightforward for international students. What does having a high school diploma equivalent in the US entail in terms of the educational system raised in? A secondary education certificate serves as the equivalent for some people. Others will need to succeed on a government exam.

International students must unfortunately provide more than simply these credentials to be admitted. They must go above and beyond to demonstrate the academic merit of their diploma in the United States. 

An evaluation of their foreign credentials must be conducted by a credential review agency before international students can apply to career and community colleges in the United States.

This demonstrates to the admissions office the worth of their international education, which necessitates a thorough justification and substantial guidance.

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