Study Abroad: IRCC Ends Flagpoling for International Students to Apply for PGWP

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Study Abroad IRCC Ends Flagpoling for International Students to Apply for PGWP

IRCC Minister Marc Miller has announced that international students will no longer be eligible to apply for PGWP at the border. This new measure is effective immediately to reduce the action of ‘flagpoling’. This is known as the practice of temporary residents of Canada leaving the nation and returning right away to obtain same-day immigration services at the border. 


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In the period between March 1, 2023, and February 29, 2024, PGWP applicants made up almost 25% of all foreign nationals who came to the border for flagpoling. A study permit expires ninety days after the anticipated conclusion of an overseas student’s course of study. Before the study permit expires a qualified graduating student can apply online for a PGWP which allows them to work full time while they await approval for a work permit and obtain an automatic letter to present to employers. 

Which Immigration Services are Usually Accessed via Flagpoling?

Temporary residents in Canada have access to a variety of immigration services through flagpoling at the border, in fact, they choose to do so voluntarily in order to avoid lengthy processing periods at the IRCC. 

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What is a PGWP?

A PGWP is a type of work permit available to international students who have graduated from a designated learning institution (DLI) in Canada. The PGWP allows graduates to work in Canada for three years, equal to the length of their study program. This permit helps retain international students and help them gain valuable Canadian work experience, which can benefit those who wish to apply for permanent residency.

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