11 Integrated PTE Tasks That Help to Achieve a Higher PTE Score

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PTE High Score

The PTE Scores have helped many students and migrants to fulfil their dream of moving abroad. Though the PTE exam is not considered easier than IELTS, certain features like an adaptive marking scheme and no expiry on the scorecard have made PTE a popular choice amongst people worldwide. It is still imperative to have a good PTE Score to be eligible for University Offer Letter or country Visa. 


The PTE Tasks consist of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills but most of the tasks are not based on individual skills and are integrated into more than one skill. Here we have covered the 11 PTE Integrated Tasks to Achieve a High Score. 

Exam namePearson Test of English Academic
Short namePTE 
Conducting BodyPearson
Level of examUniversity Level Exam
Application modeOnline
Exam modeOnline
Duration of exams3 Hours

11 Integrated PTE Tasks That Help to Achieve a Higher PTE Score

1. Read Aloud: Integrated Speaking and Reading Task

This PTE task generally lies in the speaking section but also scores a lot of marks in the reading section also. The length of this question is between 50 – 60 words and consists of around 6-7 questions. Each question in this section is given a preparation time of 40 seconds and an answering time of 40 seconds. The average time an examinee spends on each question is around 60-90 seconds. 

In this section your score depends on Correctness; that is how close your content is to the original content and omission, insertion or replacement of words and sentences can make you lose marks. The other factor is Oral Fluency where the evaluation is based on how smoothly a content piece is read out and lastly the pronunciation where the correctness and clarity of words are also taken into account. Each parameter is evaluated on a scale of 5 marks. 

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2. Repeat Sentence: Integrated Speaking and Listening Task

This section is essential to improve your listening scores. This task consists of an 8-21 words question each. This section improves your PTE Scores manifolds as it can have anywhere from 10-12 questions and analyse both your Speaking and Listening skills. The candidates spend an average of 30-40 seconds on each answer in this section. 10-12 seconds of preparation time is also allotted to candidates to answer properly. 

Marks for this section are allotted based on content; for 75-100% accuracy a candidate scores 3 marks, for 50-75% accurate words 2 marks are awarded, and 1 mark is awarded for 25-50% accuracy, below 25% of accuracy no marks are awarded. Apart from this 5 marks each for Fluency and Pronunciation are also awarded. 

3. Retell Lecture: Integrated Speaking and Listening Skills

This section secures 40% of the Listening skills weightage and should be delivered carefully without accent remember the sentence structure by breaking it if you get any compound sentences to work on. This section has 3-4 questions with 40 seconds to answer each of them. The section is lengthier than the Repeat Sentences section in terms of words which may highly vary. In this action, you are allowed to omit, rephrase and add certain words, provided the intended content of the paragraph remains the same. 

The content should not miss any crucial information, or unique data, and covers all points correctly. The pronunciation should be accurate and oral fluency should be flawless, the candidates have to make the speech free of any fumbles and slang words. The sentences should not be disjointed and continuation should be prioritized. Each parameter is evaluated on a scale of 5 marks in this section. 

4. Summarize Written Text: Integrated Writing and Reading Task

This section contains 2-3 questions each of which contains a total of 8 marks. Though this section does not carry much weightage, it is still very scoring for the examinee in the PTE exam. The length of each task question is 150-400 words but the answer has to be summarized in somewhere 5-75 words only. The ideal length of the answer considered by the examiners is between 50-65 words. Now this section is easy to score because the content carry’s only 2 marks. The examinee has to remember the main idea of the passage and replicate that in 3-4 sentences. No unique data or information has to be communicated. 

There are 2 marks for grammar which come from proper punctuation, formats, tenses and other grammar rules. This section has a condition of inserting only 1 full stop, so the construction of sentences has to be really careful. 2 marks are also allotted for vocabulary which can be easily scored with proper choice of words. The use of connectors is essential in these tasks.  

5. Write from Dictation: Integrated Listening and Writing Skills

These Listening and Writing Skills-based tasks have a total of 3-5 questions in the PTE-A exam. The candidate is given 3-5 seconds to complete each answer. The marking on this task is really simple the candidate will 1 mark for the correct answer and 0 mark for the slightest flaw found in the spelling. 

To score better here the candidate should follow the structure correctly and use punctuation and articles in the right places. Practising spelling in preparations and rechecking answers during the exam can really help better the PTE Scores here. 

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6. Fill in the Blanks (Dropdown): Integrated Reading and Writing Skills

Consisting of 5-6 questions each this task of the PTE-A Exam is an easier one. Each question in this section has 4-6 blank spaces. The marking scheme is also not adaptive there is 1 mark for every correct blank and 0 for every wrong or skipped blank. The total marks, therefore, do not depend on the number of questions but on the number of blanks. 

The maximum score is based on the word length and any change to the sentence such as rephrasing, addition or omission of words or phrases is detected as an error. For the reading part, the candidates should avoid pauses and analyze the grammatical context of the chosen answer before choosing the right answer for the blank. 

7. Fill in The Blanks: Integrated Listening and Writing Skills

This section only has 2-3 questions and the length of each question is between 60-100 words. The length of the answers varies according to the question and is between 50-70 words. The audio in this section might appear to be moving fast ahead of the speed of answering or remembering the candidate’s practice is essential here. 

The candidates must practice these sections of the PTE exam properly as the blanks situated closer might appear confusing on the day of the examination. One must also focus on spelling the words correctly and maintaining speed with the audio. 

8. Answer Short Questions: Integrated Speaking and Listening Skills

Each question in this section of the examination carries one mark and there are 10-12 such questions. There is no adaptive scoring pattern in this section and each task answer is either considered correct and given 1 mark or considered incorrect and marked 0. 

The candidates should ideally take only 3-5 seconds to prompt the answer without pausing for long periods of time. The answer must be prompted within 3 seconds after the beep. It is advisable to include 2-3 words in one go rather than giving 2-3 different answers. 

9. Summarise Spoken Text: Integrated Listening and Writing Skills

These PTE Tasks of 2-3 questions are given a duration of 10 minutes and the candidate has to complete this section. The audio in this section is 45-120 words long and the answer summary is supposed to be 50-70 words only. Each of these questions carries 10 marks.

The content accuracy in this section includes keywords from the questions and carries 2 marks, the formation of the sentence has to be within the word limit and is evaluated for 2 marks, the grammatical accuracy also carries 2 marks in each question, the right vocabulary also has to be taken care of and is awarded 2 marks and lastly, the candidate must take care of spellings as British and American accents can cause a bit of confusion. The spellings also carry 2 marks each.  

10. Highlight Incorrect Words: Integrated Listening and Reading Skills

The highlighting incorrect words section of the PTE Tasks consists of 2-3 questions to be answered in the duration of 30-90 seconds. The marking scheme here has a catch, each correct answer is awarded 1 mark and for every incorrect answer, there is a negative score of -1. 

For scoring better in this PTE Task the candidate must practice listening and reading in different accents. One can invest a few seconds to screen through the whole question once and then start mentioning the wrong words. The last tip here is that since there is a negative marking here the candidate should leave an answer if unsure. 

11. Highlight Correct Summary: Integrated Listening and Reading Skills

The PTE Score is based on the smartness of answering questions along with knowledge. This PTE task for example is amongst the easy scorers. Highlight the correct summary section consisting of 2-3 questions and each question is allotted a rough timing of 40-120 seconds based on the length of the question. 

The marking scheme for this section is non-adaptive and each incorrect answer gets a zero. The candidates can easily score in this section by remembering the keywords and the flow of content. 


How much does the PTE Exam cost?

In India, the PTE Exam fee is INR 14,700. Out of this INR 12,457.63 is the PTE Exam fee and the rest is taxes.

Is PTE Scorecard accepted in Canada?

Yes the PTE Scorecard is accepted in Canada as proof of English proficiency. The acceptance of the exam and the subsequent score may differ in different universities. 

Is PTE Score accepted for PR?

The PTE Score is accepted for Visa and Admission in some universities in Canada but the PTE Score is not accepted for Permanent Residence in Canada. 

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