A Complete Information About Vietnam Visa Fees 2024

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Vietnam Visa Fees

Vietnam has been gaining popularity as a preferred international holiday destination for Indians. who wish to move to Vietnam must obtain a visa. Applying for a visa can be a complex process because there might be various reasons to keep in mind. Knowing about the cost of a visa is one of the main and most important factors. In this article, we will introduce and help you learn more about Vietnam visa fees. Read ahead to learn more about the Vietnam visa for Indians and finally apply for a Vietnam visa online or with the help of the Vietnam embassy.

How Much is Vietnam Visa Fees?

The cost of a student visa in Vietnam is determined by how long you plan to stay. The fees are broken out as follows:

Types of Vietnam Student Visa Duration Vietnam Student Visa Fees
Single entryLess than 3 months25 USD
Single entryBetween 3 and 6 months65 USD
Multiple entriesLess than 12 months95 USD
Multiple entries1 year or more135 USD

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How to Pay Vietnam Visa Fees?

The method of payment for an application fee for a Vietnam visa is contingent upon whether the e-visa is applied online or through a Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

  • Credit Card by OnePay Security System: All major credit cards are accepted here. Following the completion of the Vietnam Visa application, Verisign and Visa Inc. will direct you to the payment system. 
  • Western Union: We accept payments via Western Union service through any bank in the world.
  • Domestic Bank Transfer: For those whose e-visa applications are handled in Vietnam, this option might be accessible, but it is unlikely for those from other countries.

Processing Time for Vietnam  Visa 

Vietnam student visa processing takes six to twelve weeks from the date of application. Moreover, the application is quite simple to use. The following table lists the processing times for Indian applicants for visas to Vietnam: 

Vietnam Visa Type Processing Time 
Single Entry Visa 6-7 working days 
Multiple Entry  Visa 6-7 working days

Validity of Vietnam Visa for Indians

A Vietnam visa’s validity refers to how long it will be valid for you to enter and remain in the nation. E-Visas typically have a 30-day validity period, with a 30-day stay period, for both single and multiple entry visas.

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Documents Required for Vietnam Visa 

The documents you need for a Vietnam visa depend on whether you apply for an e-visa online or through a Vietnamese embassy or consulate. Here’s a breakdown of the typical requirements for each:

  • A Valid passport 
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Travel Booking Receipt 
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Complete the Visa Application Form
  • Visa Fee Receipt 
  • Copy of proof of accommodation in Vietnam 
  • Proper medical insurance

Vietnam Visa Application Process 

Obtaining a Vietnam visa is the most convenient option for Indian citizens who want to visit Vietnam for a brief visit, either for business or for pleasure. To get the Vietnam visa you can keep all these given points with you that help you complete the application process: 

  • The Vietnam government provides you with the opportunity to apply for a single-entry, short-term visa that is valid for a maximum of 30 days. 
  • In this instance, the entire process of applying for a visa to Vietnam can be completed online. 
  • To complete the application process you are required to submit scanned copies of the original documents, such as the front and back covers of your passport with a minimum 6-month validity beyond the length of your stay in Vietnam, proof of lodging for each day of your stay, confirmed return airfare tickets, and recent colour passport-size photo against a white background, is required. 
  • Your agent will pick up your documents, verify their authenticity, complete the Visa Vietnam application form on your behalf, and forward it to the high commission for processing after you upload these documents to the website and you are required to pay the visa fee. 
  • The acceptance letter and your visa are typically sent to your email address by the agent within 3 to 4 working days of receiving them from the embassy. 
  • It’s actually not that difficult for Indians to obtain a Vietnam visa online, and not many documents are needed. 
  • However, you must first choose between applying for a pre-approved visa upon arrival and getting a visa itself. 
  • A Vietnam eVisa is a comprehensive document, so all you need to do at the airport is show your passport, and eVisa, and gain permission from immigration. There are no other formalities involved. 
Vietnam Visa Fees

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Top 10 Universities in Vietnam to Study 

Here is a list of some top Universities in Vietnam to Study: 

University Name Rankings of universities in Vietnam 2024
Duy Tan University#1
Ton Duc Thang University#2
Vietnam National University, Hanoi#3
Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City#4
Hanoi University of Science and Technology#5
Hue University#6 
HUTECH University of Technology#7
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City#8 
Hanoi Medical University#9
Can Tho University#10


How much does a Vietnam visa cost?

You must pay $25 for a single entrance visa or $50 for a multiple entry visa in order to obtain an electronic visa for Vietnam. If your application is denied or the visa letter you get contains information that you included on the application form that is incorrect, this cost will not be reimbursed.

Can I get a Vietnam visa on arrival?

Pre-approval for “Visa on Arrival”: Certain companies and travel firms are permitted by the Vietnamese government to set up the pre-approval process for a “visa on arrival” at the airport. Travelers may then proceed to Vietnam and apply for a visa upon arrival after receiving a pre-approval letter.

Can I get a Vietnam visa online?

A Vietnam E-visa may be used for one or more entries for up to ninety days. Foreign nationals residing outside of Vietnam who wish to enter the country can apply directly for an E-visa or through the agencies and organizations making the request. The Immigration Department’s recommended electronic payment gateway is used to pay the e-visa fee.

We hope you now understand about Vietnam visa fees. Want to apply for a Visa for your study abroad journey? Drop us a comment in the section below, or you can connect with a visa expert at Leverage Edu, and we will guide you on your dream journey!

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